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  1. misch

    misch New Member

    Hi There Everyone,

    I'm in Queensland Australia and my husband and I are applying to adopt from Ethiopia.

    There has been a problem with the program as far as proceedures are concerned in another state. Apparently this is bringing the Australian, Ethiopian Adoption program into jeapardy.

    There is going to be a meeting in Canberra this Thursday regarding the incident.

    The department told me that Queensland adoption will not be effected although there is still speculation that other states may be effected.

    Could you please pray that the meeting next Thursday will bring a good outcome for all states.

    It takes about 4 years to go through the whole adoption process here in Queensland. Could you also pray that our application will be put at the top of the queue and that our application will be accepted.

    We have only just put our application in, it takes about a year to find out if we will be accepted or not.

    thank you,

    God bless,

    Misch & Shane
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  2. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    I will be praying that things go well for you and your husband. I pray that you will soon have a child for your own to love and cherish.

    Hope the time passes by so fast. I know the waiting is terribly hard. All the best and prayers are always being sent up for you.

  3. misch

    misch New Member

    We are getting a lot of people to pray and every single prayer means a lot to us.

    Thank you,

    God bless, Misch
  4. dash

    dash New Member

    Misch & Shane

    What an awesome adventure you are embarking on! I have several friends who have adopted from Russia and China and a found out Sunday that my former pastor and his wife are adopting a child from Haitti.

    Dear Lord,

    Bless this couple whose heart is open to adopting a child from Ethiopia. I have seen You work miracles for others who have done foreign adoptions. Regulations and snafus have evaporated when people prayer. Couples who were in no financial position to adopt received unexpected monetary blessings. So, I know that your grace is sufficient to cover any problem.

    Give Misch and Shane confidence and peace as they tackle the adoption bureaucracy. Shorten the waiting time for them and have their names placed at the top of the list. Let them find favor with those who process their adoption.

    In Jesus' name I pray,

  5. misch

    misch New Member

    What an awesome prayer, since Shane and I have started telling our family and friends of our plans we have been encouraged by prayer and are really excited about our future.

    Your prayer was very kind, sometimes people just know exactly what we are talking about and it is appreciated.

    God bless,

  6. sarahann61

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    Misch & Shane,

    I know the Lord will bless you both, with a child.
    I know the child will be blessed ,for having such great parents. My prayers are with you................

    I have raised 5 children, they are all grown now. But they will always be my babies, to me. I have 6 grandchildren. I just wanted 2 girls and 1 boy, and thats the way I had them. Then the Drs were trying to tell me I was pregnant again, I had to see 5 diff. Drs. before I finally believed them, and I was so sick before, I finally accepted the pregnacy. Then I had a very special son, he was little but tough. He got 3 outs ,in one play ,in a baseball game . He was prob. about 7 or 8 yrs old. He is now grown, still short , about 5 ft. 4 ", unmarried.
    Doesnt think any girl would be interested in him, he is still looking, prob. not in the right places.

    I had a daughter after he was born, before he was a yr. old. My husband had his tubes tied after the 4th but never went back to get checked ,to see if it worked , until I was preg. again. I accepted that preg. because I didnt want to go thru that again. They told him he had enough sperm count to get every woman in town preg.

    My 2 nd. daugh. is 40 yrs old and has not had a baby yet, her husband is sterile ,due to the mumps as a teen-ager. She checked into adoption in Russia but it was too expensive for her.. She says she is too old now, but I would love to see her adopt a child.
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  7. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    Hope you and Shane are doing well. Still praying that the child for you will be with you soon. I know it must be very hard. It is always hard to wait for good things to come our way.

    Just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you daily. It will happen!

  8. misch

    misch New Member

    Hi again everyone,

    Shane and I are doing great, our application is in and my fibromyalgia has settled down again from the stress required for the preparation of the application. It can all now quietly simmer away on the back burner.

    My original post spoke of a meeting that was held last Thursday regarding the relationship between Ethiopia and Australia adoption. Here is a post from our Ethiopian group executive:-


    I know everyone is hanging out to hear of any news... I'm afraid all I can advise at this stage is that I understand at this stage that its going to be ok.... As soon as I hear any more I'll let everyone know..

    Thank you to the many many people that responded to their
    departments... I've had strong feed back that each state heard your letters of support... Well done everyone on responding so quickly.


    He then posted today:-

    I'm afraid that I cannot give anyone an update as yet. The managers have refused to give any advice until Monday.


    I will let you all know if I here more on Monday.

    Thanks for your prayers, each post lifts me thank you.

    I will print this thread out and show my husband.... he will love this.

    God bless,


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  9. misch

    misch New Member

    The latest post about the outcome of the meeting as to how the Ethiopia/Australian adoption program is going.....


    Subject: Hague meeting decision

    The following message has been released this morning by all
    Governments departments.

    A small working group will be investigating the concerns presented at the recent Central Authorities Meeting (November 11/12, 2004) in respect of the functioning of the Ethiopian program. Upon completion of the investigation, a recommendation will be put to the Commonwealth/States/Territories and a decision taken about steps to ensure children's best interests are protected
    in the program.

    There has been no suggestion that the program be suspended or closed at this point in time.

    Every attempt will be made to resolve this matter as soon as possible but no later than mid February 2005.


    Could you please continue to pray that this program will continue to operate and that it will be an abundant and healthy program.

    Thank you,

    God bless,


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  10. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    Thanks for the update. Still have you both in my prayers.
    Hang in there sweetie, your child is coming to you.

    God bless,