Adrenal adenoma

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jabobil, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    Has anyone on this board been diagnosed with a benign adrenal tumor?

    Posted previous information under sore tongue and sinuses
  2. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    I was just reading your last post, it does sound weird that they say it wasn't on the earlier scan and then it shows up 2 or 3 weeks later??

    Sorry I don't know anything about adrenal tumors. But I do believe worn out adrenal glands have a roll to play in cfs. Although i could be way off there, but I am sure mine are not working properly, I just cant prove it!

    I do have a benign tumor on my thyroid though. They say it's not interfering with anything and just want scans every year to see if its growing. I know when they first found the lump, they got us all worried coz it didn't look good etc.. But once i had the biopsy done and it came back benign, they were like go home don't worry about it???

    Sorry, this isn't helping you at all is it??
    Have your sinus's cleared up? hope your feeling better,
  3. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am told that a tumor can appear on any of the glands, and that it is customary to follow-up with CT scans every six months to a year to see if it is growing. I read that 1 CT is 250 times the radiation of 1 x-ray. Being repeatedly exposed to that much radiation is a little unnerving.

    I haven't been asked to have a biopsy yet. I suppose that's next.

    How bad is that?

    I guess I'm suffering from fear of the unknown.

  4. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Oh, I didn't know about the excess radiation! Sometimes ignorance is bliss!! They had us worried enough about the tumor as it didn't have 'legs', it was a perfectly round lump. and aparantly that spells cancer when it's on the thyriod!??

    Then the results come back all clear and they are off you go, nothing to worry about!! I mean why have you all worried for weeks before, needless to say the extra stress called on a flare.!

    So yes i know all about worrying about the unknowen! Have you got a pharmacy near you that sells homeopathic remedies. I know they have a remedy, it's called xray over here and you take it before and after xrays etc to help the body rid of radiation.

    Don't know how well it really works, but i always feel better that i am doing something!!
    Although i don't think i have had a ct scan, the mri picked up the thyriod lump and then they just used the hand held scanner thing to do the biopsy.

    Try not to worry too much, you do need to find out what is going on with your adrenals, but you don't want to throw yourself into a flare either!

    Good luck and let me know how you go. How long do you have to wait befor your next scan?

  5. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    Maedaze - thanks for the homeopathic tip.

    I have put in a request for an MRI instead of the CT.

    This all started in May when I had the first CT for a kidney stone, and a second CT three weeks later to be sure the stone had past. At this time I was not aware of the radiation risk.

    When the second CT showed the adrenal tumor my adrenals went into overdrive, and the extreme stress caused a flare.

    I was prescribed Xanax which helped.

    The next scan is scheduled in November. I am feeling much calmer now. As the appointment nears I probably won't be. It amazes me what fear can do to the mind and body.

    The statistics are that 99% of adrenal tumors are benign, but if they grow the tumors can turn malignant. As you know, this is the reason for the follow-ups.

    My Doctor says the CT scan can distinguish between a benign tumor and a cancerous one. I don't see how that is possible without a biopsy - maybe a radioligist can give me a better answer.

    The flare seems to have calmed, which is suprising since it is raining and cool.
  6. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Wow those ct scanners must be strong if they can see what is cancer and whats not? Am not surprise you got sick off the ct scan. I can get sick off fluresant lights. All that extra radiation, yep I'd be concerned too.

    Hope they swap for the mri for you. I have only had one mri and had no after effects from it except the $1400.00 bill. These things are not free here. Unless your in an accident and are dying then you might get a free mri!

    Glad to hear your flare calming down. I have just gone through 3 days of hell migraine. Am in a position where nothing is working for them any more. Thank goodness they have eased up this morning. Hopefully we are going to have a better week. :eek:)

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