adrenal and thyroid info anyone ?

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    i would really like to know if anyone has info or experience of thyroid and adrenal therapy as i am going to try cortisol for my very low levels of cortisol and dhea. i am still new to the board and would like to hear from someone, just hello would be great. im using a friends laptop and am in england and have been reading the board with enjoyment.

    with love pinkquartz

    i have been ill for 23 years but disabled for last ten years and do not know why I can't walk for more than a few yards.
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    the big first concern is will i mess up my adrenals? my doctor wants me to try a trial of 10mg in the morning and 5mg in the afternoon for two weeks and see if it helps. do you think this is agood dose to start and is 2 weeks long enough to see a change. also i sometimes get a slighly high B.P. but i really do want to try this as i have been taking armour thyroid for 9 months and i feel a bit better inside but no changes physically and i cant say how crazy i am to start to feel stronger. thank you for replying
    love pinkquartz
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    i am happy to read your reply. i noticed your posting about juicing last year and was happy for you that you are gaining strength and feeling stronger.
    i find it hard to describe why i can't walk but i will try to describe what happens. first the pain in my legs gets unbearable, sort of hot and burning pain and at the same time i experience the weakness increasing and my legs give way and i will fall. on a good day i can push myself further before the pain hits hard but then there is always payback later or next day. this will mean either i can't stand at all without support or really unbelievable pain or worse still i will deplete my immune system and get sick with a bug or infection. i used to think i would get through this on will power alone but my pushing myself left me unable to even get out of bed. slowly i've learnt to not push past the severe pain barrier. i am getting help now from a lovely nutritionist who reckons that my cortisol levels are so low its amazing i can actually do anything at all!
    so addressing this is now next on my list to see how much stronger i can be by giving my adrenals support.
    can you tell me what is in Drenatrophin ?
    i have got a juicer but often way too tired to use it. thank you for your input, maybe the powered barley would be good for me too.

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