adrenal burn out and cfs

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    Hey I went to a new doctor who i was told approches things differently. SHe links cfs to adrenal gland burn out. of course the supplements are not covered by insurance. There were a bunch of supplements taht she suggested I take but I could only afford one of them. I actually think I am starting to feel a little better. anyone else hear of this link?
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    did he recommend?
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    Hi Dsivitz, I'm beginning to think that it is adrenal burn out too, I've had lots of tests for viral stuff, HHV-6 included and it's all come back negative. I ran a thread for adrenal tests and cortisol so I'm going to ask doc for the tests for the suggestions made.

    Haleycole treats her adrenals with licorice and a high salt diet, I've heard that ginseng and vitamin C help as well.

    Hope you get lots more replies
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    adrenal rebuilder formula by Dr. James L wilson.

    I did find an artcal in the Washington post about a study done recently on chronic fatigue and there was mention of small adrenal glands in a number of patients.
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    Do a search on this board for adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion. There's lots of information. I think many if not most of the people on this board have adrenal fatigue.

    The adrenals help us deal with stress and severe stress can weaken them, causing fatigue. Caffeine, alcohol and sugar are also all very hard on the adrenals.

    To help strenghten the adrenals, take a good B complex vitamin, extra pantothenic acid, watch your diet and go very easy on caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Also, adrenal glandular products can help a great deal. Some I have used are Drenatrophin PHG by Standard Process, Cytozyme AD by Biotics and Adrenogen. All are good and these helped me a lot. I got them from chiropractors. You can also find adrenal glandular supplements in health food stores, but I think the ones from chiropractors are better.

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    Glad you don't mind.