adrenal exhaustion - what's the remedy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maaji, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. maaji

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    On another website they find that 99 of the women they test have a greater or lesser degree of adrenal exhaustion. But what is the remedy? not sure I can face swallowing any more supplements!!!
  2. elsa

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    I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue after hormone blood testing. ... Not quite as bad as exhaustion, but heading in that direction.

    Sorry but more pills are involved! I take compounded cortisol ext. release, DHEA/Pregnenolone on the hormone side.

    I also take a really good whole food b-complex vit. Others have used adrenal extracts (with research and ND's help, have gotten good results). Panthothenic Acid also supports the adrenals.

    I would suggest a CFS/FM knowledgable MD/ND who can order sensitive testing and follow their recommendations.

    This can be very debillitating. Properly treated, you can feel a great deal better.

    The adrenal gland is responsible for getting the ball rolling on other hormone production, among other things. When it's too tapped out to function everything else can fall down on the job too.

    Take care,

  3. kbak

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    I certainly understand about not wanting to take more supplements. You might want to switch to a liquid vit so your not taking a zillions pills.

    I have what I would call severe adrenal exhaustion. Maybe I should say, did. My CFS doc suggested DHEA, Raw Adrenal Glandulars, and licorice, which I take in tincture form. Actually, you can get the adrenal glandulars with licorice.

    These have work extremely well for me! Just raising that energy level improves your whole lookout on life.

  4. elsa

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    I second Kbec's statement on how increasing the energy level through adrenal support can make a tremendous difference in your overall outlook and just living life.

    Licorice has been used by many successfully and has been tested for effectiveness.

    I just wanted to throw in that it is not good for people who have either high blood pressure or kidney disease/failure as it causes sodium retention to varying degrees. It also potentiates the action of steroids like prednisone.

    If you go this route, it is recommended that you eat a high potassium, low sodium diet.

    I know of individuals who started with licorice root in treating adrenal fatigue/exhaustion first. Some had very good success and others had to go onto temporary cortisol treament.

    Either way, treating the adrenal gland will make a hugh difference in your day to day living.

  5. dorrene

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    The most helpful for me has been eleuthero root a form of ginseng. Also chinese medicine has many great tonics for the adrenals that work wonders..need to go to a acccupunturist. B vitamins are very very important to take every day. I have tried all the other supplements but have the most suscess with these.
  6. maaji

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    Dear ladies, thank you so much for all the helpful suggestions. I heard about licorice before and seems the most 'natural' remedy to try so will give that a go.

    I am in India where allopathic medicine is as advanced as anywhere in the world but alternative therapies are rarely available, except for ayurveda, which hasn't done anything for me. My neurologist, a very understanding man about FM/CFS but locked into drug prescription, has not suggested testing for that - is it worth doing - what are peoples' experiences.
  7. jfrustrated

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    Dear Maaji

    I am currently trying medication to help exhausted adrenals and low thyroid. Don't know if the med. will help as it takes 5-6 weeks to start to become effective. If you get tested, make sure you have good testing done - this involves, at least, 24 hour saliva testing to determine cortosil levels. Two readable books on the topic are The Cortisol Connection by Shawn Talbott and Adrenal Fatigue by James L Wilson.
  8. elsa

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    Absolutely worth it! The problem is getting a doctor who is educated in reading the hormone values as they relate to CFS/FM.

    DHEA/Pregnenolone and Cortisol would be hormones that would show abnormal readings concerning adrenal fatigue. The problem for some is that the readings may or may not be horrifically out of range, but low normal. Many docs will not treat for the low normal range ... leaving you sick, but not sick enough to do anything about it.

    Sometimes the doctor needs to read the results AND listen to the patient's symptoms ... combine the two and then make a decision on to treat or not.

    Good luck with this. It can make a big difference in how you are feeling. Salivia testing that can be ordered on line and tested can at least give you an idea of what you are dealing with.

    Take care,