adrenal fatigue a new treatment???

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    I have been diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue for some time. I could not take the cortisol tablets or hydrocortisone etc because of bad reactions.

    I tried adrenal extracts but had a poor result because of the low level of my adrenal function.

    My saliva adrenal test results indicate that my adrenals are functioning at only 1/5 of what they should be. Until my adrenals are ok, we cannot start to work on my low thyroid.

    I saw my doc. today and he has a new way of seeing if he can improve my adrenal function. (He sometimes works with Dr. Wilson of Adrenal Exhaustion Book fame)

    He told me to dissolve one 25 mg cortisol tablet in a 600ml bottle of filtered water, and drink 1/7 of the water every day - sip it, not all at once. This means that I would have 1 tablet, previously dissolved, over the course of a week, each dose in minute quantities.

    If I get bad reactions to this, I am to reduce to 1/2 tablet a week, or even a quarter or lower. This should, he says, allow my body to adjust to accepting the cortisol at a really low level and then in months to come I may be at the stage where I can actually start taking 1/4 tab. a day. Could take a year to reach 'normal' dosage level.

    Anyone else trying this? Also, this way of approaching low adrenal function might be of use to someone else who has really poor adrenal function.
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    Hi, sorry, I dont know about that, but I have heard that licorice is good for adrenal function.

    Hope someone else can help you.
    Take care