Adrenal Fatigue and Cortef

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    Hi! I'm 34 yrs old and have been struggling with severe symptoms of adrenal fatigue for 15 years. I recently found a great MD who specializes in adrenal dysfunction, and after hearing my history and symptoms, he had no doubt that a salivary cortisol test would confirm what we both felt was a severe case of adrenal fatigue. Well, guess what? The tests came back normal. He was shocked, and said that it's been 5 years since he's seen anyone like me who has a perfect clinical profile of adrenal fatigue, but has normal test results. He said that it might be possible that I'm someone who needs higher than "normal" cortisol levels to feel normal. He asked me to start taking 2.5 mg Cortef to see how my body responds to the extra cortisol. So, I have several questions. Is it possible to have "normal" salivary cortisol levels, but still have adrenal fatigue? How soon should I notice the effects of the Cortef? I am desperately hoping that this will make a difference.
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    A good start may be to read read the article below from The Hormone Foundation and The Endrocine Society I posted in February 2011 that "adrenal fatigue" is not an ailment and is a myth. Adrenal Insuffiency is a real disease.

    I wish you would read the sections of the article: (1) The section that explains what symptoms patients believe are "adrenal fatigue", and then what the actual symptoms of Adrenal Insufficiency are; (2) The section that discusses adverse consequences of treating adrenals that are fine and healthy; and (2) the section that discusses how some insurance claims may be stalled if the term "adrenal fatigue" is used in paperwork.

    After reading the article, you have information to decide if your present M.D. is knowledgeable enough to be treating Adrenal Insuffiency and whether you have the symptoms of this disease. I wish you the best.

    This article "Myth v. Fact Adrenal Fatigue" was also in Medline Plus e-mail online.

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