Adrenal Fatigue (Cortisol Deficiency) And Insomnia-congrats . .

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    That's all very interesting stuff, and quite a coincidence about Dr. Jefferies, who was my first mentor in all of this after my "accidental" cortisol "cure" some 20 years ago. After coming out of a 7-year CFS bout with my first perfect night's sleep in almost as many years following hydrocortisone injection and prednisone all given for severe asthma/bronchitis, I went straight to the UCI science library and found Jefferies' book (I had been in a total brain-fog/no sleep/headache state for years and hadn't read or researched anything). We had several correspondences (pre-internet!) and even a nice phone talk or two. He was a wonderful, caring doctor and one of the first researchers testing cortisol supplementation.
    I'm curious as to what started your downward slide healthwise, and what your symptoms are?
    A simple blood-glucose tester would be useful also as you can check your fasting morning level. Jefferies was one of the only doctors to emphasize "non-reactive" hypoglycemia as a possible indicator of low cortisol (or burned-out cortisol receptors).
    take care!
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    I have been reading about cortisol and adrenal fatigue and even took a couple of online quizzes which predict that I have severe adrenal fatigue. When I suggested getting tested to my PCP today, she acted like I was nuts. She was rude to me the rest of the visit. She looked at me and said," You don't look like you have the main signs of adrenal fatigue." I told her I had 10 symptoms of it and she said, "Just because you have that many symptoms doesn't mean that you have it." I have had insomnia for over 30 years! I have had sleep studies done with no apparent reason for poor sleep quality. I've seen sleep specialists who get paid $500 hr. to tell me something I already tried and already knew about. I'm at the end of my rope. She said she would look into it to see if the insurance would pay for it. I'm willing to pay out of my pocket at this point. I am getting desperate! My fatigue has been increasing lately. What have I got to lose? Even if the test is negative, at least I know I can rule it out. She said to take high dosages of Vit. B complex, but failed to mention what the dosages were. She wanted to refer me to a sleep specialist, but didn't give me a referral before I left. I also found out from the pharmacy that she denied a refill on my Vit. D she prescribes me a week ago, but failed to mention it at my appointment today. I'm so sick of doctors who think they are God and if we do any kind of research ourself, they treat us like criminals for trying to help ourselves. When I first got diagnosed with FM, I went thru 6 years of chronic stress which was out of my control thanks to our justice system and don't think I have ever recovered. I also suffer from post exertional malaise so exercise is out of the question. I AM SO TIRED!!! I once only had 8 hrs. sleep in 8 days and this was when I was working! Has anyone else had so much trouble with their Dr. when suggesting a cortisol saliva test? Just wondering.
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    What kind of Dr. does these tests? I have called several different ones including endoctrinologist and chiropractor/acupuncturist. When I mentioned having this done to my PCP she treated me like I was nuts and how dare I research this on my own.
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    Your doctor sounds terrible, fire her! Yes, an endocrinologist is probably what you need since "hormones" are their specialty and we're talking about adrenal hormones here. Remember that the terms FM and ME didn't even exist in the eighties when CFS really came into prominence. Muscle-pain (FM) was already a part of the CFS criteria, and then, ME (brain and spinal-cord inflammation)? Whatever! all these new terms, definitions, etc., just make our doctors crazy!
    What are your ten symptoms, by the way? Of the possible 15 symptoms for CFS back in the old days, I developed 11 over a few years, following a double-whammy of a severe viral illness combined with months of unusual stress. You were lucky to have some sleep; I had literally, none, for years, just lying awake feeling my heart race. My cortisol-cure and long-term treatment was completely accidental and I take no credit for it, only wishing to spread the word now.
    Like endocrinologist Jefferies, I recommend checking for "non-reactive" hypoglycemia using a blood-glucose tester first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Lack of cortisol (or burned out receptors) can show up as hypoglycemia symptoms, but not the kind relieved by eating.
    Meantime, Google these doctors about adrenal issues/CFS/FM: William Jefferies, Jacob Teitelbaum, Michael Doyle, Riccardo Baschetti, and Anthony Cleare.
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    I'm here in calif. and have seen an integrative doctor. Just this week I completed an adrenal cortisol test (4 times you check saliva during the day and evening)and sent it to the lab.

    Almost 3 years ago I also had the test and it came back "possible" with no definitive conclusion, although I basically had no more hormones working.

    For me it's pain that wakes me up around 2 a.m. but some nights I have no pain and just don't feel sleepy anymore when I wake up. This week I've been taking GABA 700 mg. 5 HTP, lemon balm, and l l/2 mg. of melatonin. For the most part this grouping is getting me about 6 hrs. undisturbed sleep for which I'm grateful for. Next week who might stop working.

    Also, I try to eat a little almond butter before I go to bed, as the protein will help carry me thru so reactive hypoglycemia doesn't hit me.
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    I was searching the forums about my troubles with medications causing me shortness of breath so have to take small doses. I am wondering if ever I need a surgery done in the future, how would they not overdose me? Then I saw this adrenal insuffiencency problem forum. I have a horrible time in the mornings trying to walk and not collapse or something. My chest feels so very heavy and am weak ,etc. Then after about 30 minutes or more, I feel lots better. Does anyone have those morning symptoms? I have had CFS/FIBRO for many years now.
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    This is a very common symptom of FM and for many with ME/CFS. In fact it is almost definitive for FM. No one knows what causes it directly but in FM and for some with ME/CFS the tryptophan pathway is dysfunctional. This means that serotonin metabolism is faulty and melatonin is often not made in the required amounts for sleep based recovery. Some studies have shown that some people actually have antibodies to serotonin receptors ( an autoimmune response). In addition there is a relationship between dysfunctional tryptophan metabolism and glucocorticoid (eg cortisol) regulation but only in some people with FM (or ME/CFS). It is unlikely that cortisol dysregulation is a reason for FM or ME/CFS but rather is a consequence of the hypothalamic dysfunction due to neurological dysfunction. Sleep recovery is nearly always poor in FM and ME/CFS so leading to stiff muscles, poor balance, and weakness after waking.

    The pattern of tryptophan/serotonin disruption is different to that seen in major depression and of course produces these different symptoms.
  8. So how do you think we should treat the hyperthalamic dysfunction?
  9. I had a saliva test way back in 2009 and it indicated low noon cortisol and low cortisol prior to sleep. The nutritionist gave me a supplement for a bit, which just made me feel more adrenalised. She then basically said I should just leave it to sort itself out. However, now, there is clearly a big link between low blood sugar and energy levels and I'm hungry all the time. I still tend to get adrenalised very easily, too. I'm wondering if I should look into this further and if so, what sort of medication I should seek out......
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