Adrenal Fatigue from Stress

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    I went to see an endocrinologist as suggested by my doctor. He laughed at me when I mentioned anything about possibly having resistance phase of adrenal failure. I knew that I was in trouble when he replied that "there is no such thing." He ordered some blood work and he smuggly said that he was also ordering a cortisol morning spec against his better judgement, but to satisfy me he did.

    My cortisol test came back high at 29.9 which normal is between 7.0-25mcg/dl. The lymphocyte count came back 3.16 and normal range being 1.0-2.9 k/cmm. The urea nitrogen (bun) was high at 19 and I had a phospholipid ab, igm at 14.6 and normal is 0.0-10.0 mpl.

    Sorry to bore you with this, but now he ordered the cortisol test to be repeated after taking a strong steriod at midnight and then repeating my blood work for cortisol the following morning. I think he is looking to see if I have cushings disease. He didnt tell me this I had to find out on my own by researching.

    Klutzo suggested before that I may have resistance phase adrenal failure and from what I have checked into, this certainly sounds like what is happening to me. Thank you Klutzo for mentioning this to me. It's appreciated.

    I have been under a tremendous amount of stress over the past two years and this is when I began having a lot of problems. Chronic Fatigue, brain fog, unusual headaches, tingling in hands and arms, feeling faint, crying over nothing, sleep apnea, failing eye sight,yeast infections, sore throat, stiff neck and pain in back, etc. This is terrible and it is all I can do to get up and get dressed to go to work.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this and I will be sure to let you know how the 2nd cortisol test came out. Thanks for any input and bless each and every one of you. Suzanne
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    Your symptoms describe the exact way I have been for the last two years. Mine started almost the same time we bought our first house. I found that very stressful. Now it is just money. I fought with my general physician and he finally sent me to an internist. I saw him in July and had all sorts of blood tests done and also did a sleep lab. But now I don't get to see him until Sept. 4. I am from a small town and he is so busy that is only when I can see him. But reading your symptoms is just what I have as well. With the research I have been doing I also wonder if I have Cushing's Disease.

    I will keep informed about when I finally get my test results. I know exactly what you are feeling so my prayers our with you. God Bless.

    Lisa K.
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    NatureGirl - I believe you are correct in your conclusions. The doctor is an idiot, but this is not unusual. The Resistance phase is very likely what's going on here. Cushings is rare and very unlikely.

    The solution for the problems both of you are having is the same...ditch the conventional doc and get yourself a holistic one.

    I have posted many times about how to find one, and I am sure if you type "Holistic" into the search message feature at the top of the page you will find those posts.

    Please don't keep beating your heads against the brick wall of conventional medicine. I wasted SO much time when I could have been getting better, instead of continually paying to be humiliated and put down, while my illness got worse. The stress alone made me worse!

    Please keep us posted,

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    As I've written before, there is strong evidence that for many of us our problem is caused by a neurological problem that keeps our bodies in the primal "fight or flight mode". This puts enormous stress on the the adrenal system. It is also the reason we have trouble sleeping, our body is always on alert. It may be caused by the frontal lobe area of our brains not properly screening external stimuli. Even when we feel relaxed our mind is on high alert. Most of our physical complaints, including thyroid problems, IBS, pain etc, are symptoms, not causes. Try this one on your doctor.


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    It is so nice to have all this help and reassurance from my wonderful support group. This forum is great and there are so many nice people on here. I have an appt with the endocrinologist today to see what my other blood work shows and I will go from there.

    I am definitely checking out all of the avenues you have opened up to me. As soon as I find out for sure that I have no adrenal tumors or pituitary ones I can then make better decisions as to what to do.

    I am tired of not being able to function and this spacey out of it feeling. It's a struggle just to comb my hair. Whatever this is (and I do feel as though it is resistance phase adrenal failure),as Klutzo mentioned in a prior message to me,it is getting worse. I know that a very stressful event took place when I got a lot worse. Did you guys feel like crying at the drop of a hat when this is going on? I came home from work one day and my son and his girlfriend had taken my dog to her moms house. I sobbed like a baby and called them to bring her home now. I worry just terrible about every little thing happening. My mind goes a mile a minute constantly about what if this happens and what if that happens. The only thing now is I am struggling to think clearly.

    Thank you for all your support and helpful suggestions and I will let you know what, if anything, my bloodwork shows this time.

    Grateful, Suzanne


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    You are right about conventional doctors not believing in resistance phase adrenal failure. My cortisol level came back showing no Cushings as you already knew. He could not explain away any of the symptoms I have been having except to say "How old are you....Some people begin to have these problems because they are worried about getting older you know." I told him about the dizziness and pain in my back and neck and everything else then he said, "Are you under any stress lately, could you just be depressed?"

    That did it! I'm going to listen to you all and get real help. He wrote down chronic fatigue syndrome I noticed on my receipt under diagnosis though. I guess when you have any of these types of diseases they just don't want to be bothered with you. I'm tired of being sick and tired.

    Let me know what your doctor tells you Lisa. Keep in touch and take care.