Adrenal Fatigue vs CFS

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  1. greatgran

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    Would someone explain to me the difference between CFS and Adrenal Fatigue. I read the symptoms of both and even though I was dx with CFS my symptoms are more Adrenal Fatigue.
    Seems I just can't except the fact that one can feel so bad with no rhyme or reason.

    God Bless,
  2. isiselixir

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    I suggest you ask your doctor for a saliva or blood cortisol test. That will determine if you have adrenal fatigue. =)
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    then without a doubt you should get them tested. For me, my CFS turned out to be adrenal fatigue that I believe took so long to get diagnosed that I have full blown Addison's now since I've been in adrenal crisis three times with it. I'm on HC and will be for life. It makes the difference in being able to get out of bed and function or not. I have limitations mainly with flourescent lighting, it will take me down faster than anything if I stay under them too long, Walmart is horrible for me.

  4. mbofov

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    CFS and adrenal fatigue often go together (though not always). You can have both at the same time. Adrenal fatigue is very debilitating, it can make you very very tired. You should get tested for adrenal fatigue, because if you have it, treatment is available. There are prescriptions as others mentioned, and adrenal glandular products available without prescription.

    Your regular doctor can order blood work or the adrenal stress index test (a saliva test).

    Or you can find a naturopath who can order these tests.

    Or you can find a competent chiropractor who does muscle testing. This is what I did many years ago when I didn't even know what adrenal fatigue was, and my regular doctor never mentioned it. I felt weak as a kitten, and my chiro found that my adrenals were weak and gave me an adrenal glandular product (Drenatrophin PMG from STandard Process) which worked really well to help my adrenals and my energy. My adrenals are now in pretty good shape, although I still have CFS (I crash routinely after overdoing it)

    So take your pick, but you should do something about it. And no, you shouldn't accept the fact that you feel so bad without rhyme or reason.

  5. Jeramy

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    I have adrenal insufficiency and this is what I do/ have done to recover and maintain them.
    I have used Standard Process Drenamin. When I can't get that I use Metagenics Adrenogen. I also start my day with 4 oz. of sea salt water and ingest nothing else for about 30 mins. (It kick starts the adrenals, the way many mislead souls think caffeine will work.)
    A very, very important thing to do if you have diagnosed adrenal inufficiency is to take HCL with all your meals AND make sure you have plenty of protein. (You take the HCL, because with weak adrenals, your body doesn't produce what's needed to breakdown proteins. Therefore you don't get energy out of your food.)
    The other important thing is to avoid a lot of potassium. (Hard to resist that juicy watermelon, but just have a couple of bites.) Folks with weak adrenals need to avoid potassium and actually add sodium to their diet.
    The other thing that helps to raise your cortisol levels in a quick way, without drugs...(if the adrenals are low yet responsive, not completely shot like w/ Addison's)... is to eat some plain yogurt with 1000m Vit C capsule and a 500/1000m Cal Mag capsule mixed into the yogurt.
    When my adrenals crashed 4 years ago, they tested me for Addison's. (I almost died.) They found my adrenals barely functioning, yet not completely dead. My endocronologist was a wise and open-minded man. He knew I had this healer/ nutrionist who had told me about having weak adrenals and that he though he could "cure" me. The endo said I should avoid steroids at all costs, if possible. he said to try the natural treatments to see if they worked. They worked.
    My levels stay "normal" now. But I do have to take the suppliments, etc. to maintain them.
    I also avoid stress. (having weak adrenals means I don't respond well in stressful situations, even good ones.)
  6. Jeramy

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    What measures I follow for my adrenal support is what works for me. It's NOT medical advice. It may work for you... I have many friends who have been helped the same way I have...but please do your research and check with your health care provider.

    Plus another thing that is really important in adrenal recovery...but it's hard to do. AVOID ALL SUGAR AND CAFFIENE! I went through "withdrawels" after the first week, but by the 2nd week I was able to handle not having the sugar, caffeine. Recovery can take months or a few years, depending on messed up your adrenals are. I was back on some sugar after about 4 months. I eat sugar without notice now...4 years later. BUT, I do not drink caffiene. Can't handle it. If I accidentally get some, it makes me very jittery, heart races, can't eat, sleep, etc. But that could just be me.
  7. gapsych

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    To get a proper diagnosis, you need to see a board certified endocrinologist.

    Saliva tests may not be accurate over a blood test but an endocrinologist would have to determine which tests are right for you.

    It is good to rule out other diagnosis.

    I think my "CFS" was Obstructive Sleep Apnea but time will tell.

    Best to get it checked out even though CFS symptoms by themselves can be devestating.

    Good luck.

  8. Jeramy

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    I wanted to add that two more things which have really increased my energy and/or made it more even through the day.
    One is American ginseng. (You MUST be careful NOT to use Pannax!) I take it in the morning and maybe around 3pm, but usually take a double dose in the Am.
    I also drink Puer tea. This is organic tea loose tea from China. (Look it up online.) It has amazing health benefits! For me, it helps me to sleep better, so my energy is better the next day. (And since I drink it every day... I'm okay. Unless I have a busy morning and forget to drink my tea!) This tea also aids digestion. (A lot of people loose weight.) It's also a good ant-oxident/ good for your cholesterol. I have a friend whose overall cholesterol was 240, after 3 months of drinking 6-8 cups of this puer, her number went down to 180. This tea seems to also raise the GOOD cholesterol. I have no problem, but my doctor was very shocked to see my good cholesterol at 66. This is apparently high, but very good.