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    i know there are alot of things out there that mimick our symptoms. as for me...i tend to worry that i may not be properly diagnosed so i am always researching to see what other links i find.
    things like lyme, excess copper, thyroid issues, etc all have been things ive looked into. There is one though that we should all read a bit on and see if it contributes to our symptoms
    ive had my cortisol checked and it was very very high all day and even all night, it was only slightly low in the early A.M. (when i needed it to be high).
    Im wondering if anyone knows what to take to help get unhealthy adrenal glands back on track..or is that not even possible. I always feel that fight or flight feeling and feel my adrenals are on overdrive...prob also contributing to lack of sleep.

    Although my cortisol was very high, it wasnt considered high enough for doctors to consider it Cushings/Addisons (i forget which one is for high cortisol).

    If i can get my adrenals/cortisol to calm down...perhaps my whole body will come back in sync.

    IM grateful i have finally been diagnosed with fibro/cfs...but id hate to live like this 4ever without knowing i havent considered trying everything i can to change it.
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    See a post I did, which I just renamed "trouble sleeping linked to high cortisol, what to do". It talks all about high cortisol and how you can lower it.

    I discovered mine was high 3 years ago and was given Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) and it worked very very well. The post talks all about this. High cortisol left untreated is damaging to the body. Anyways, it is treatable, easily, and you notice the results almost right away. I felt calmer, slept better, etc. It took a little bit of tweaking to get the right dose and I found it VERY important to take the Seriphos in the morning, and not at night. Anyways, the other post explains all about this and where I got and where I get the Seriphos.

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    I have a problem with Adrenal Exhaustion. My cortisol is low. BUT, I know that avoiding sugar and any food that is high on the glycemic index is paramount for healthy adrenals. If you haven't already read it, get the book...
    "Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st Century Stess Syndrome" by J. Wilson. It is a must, a bible for adrenal health.
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    My house is packed up for a renovation right now, or I could tell you the exact name of this book... In any event, the author is Dr. Michael Brownstein. He is in Michigan. It is ALL about Adrenal Fatigue. There is a chapter in there on Fibro you may find interesting. Sorry I don't have the title handy, but hopefully you can track it by author. He is a holistic dr. as well as an MD. He is SO in demand that he is no longer accepting new patients. But the book is worth reading. Hope this helps a little. Cher
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    Adrenal fatigue is one of the many things that are wrong for a high number of cFS patients. If you look at the "what should we rename CFS?" boards, the name Neuroendocrineimmune Disorder was suggested. The adrenals are part of the endocrine system, and perhaps are the most hard-hit in CFS. They also are related to a small extent in immune functioning.

    The best discussion of Adrenal Fatigue is in a book called "Optimal Wellness' by Ralph Golan, M.D. If you're interested in this area, you really shoud look at this book.

    Adrenals have been a crucial area for me---a good part of how I was able to move up toward partial functioning.

    I'm not going to explain everything he says in his book, but I'll give a short summary of the things he recommends. If you're going to use them properly, you really need a bigger understanding than I'm giving here.

    To support general adrenal health:

    1) Vitamin C
    2) Vitamin B-5
    3) Magnesium
    4) Multivitamins, esp. A, zinc, and E
    5) Ginseng
    6) Reduce stress
    7) Go to bed early (by 10 p.m.)
    8) Get natural light
    9) Light to moderate exercise (as tolerated)

    For general adrenal function, if blood pressure is low-normal or low:
    1) Licorice
    2) florinef (a prescription medication to raise blood pressure)

    For "reversed cortisol" (too low in morning, too high at night, overall normal):
    1) Seriphos (as described in earlier post

    1) Low dose cortisol (if cortisone is low or low-normal.....I find this useful on days that I know will be stressful, to protect my own adrenals from having to work too hard to produce extra cortisol)
    2) DHEA (at one point the supplement that pretty much cured my deep depression within 2 days; best to have it tested by a doctor first, but extremely useful if low. this can be low even if cortisol levels are normal or high.)

    Good luck. Report back with your experiences, please.

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    I was recently diagnoses with "Stage 2 Adrenal Exhaustion" (not sure what that means), so have been doing some reading on the subject. What I have found is that the pituitary and hypothalamus should be tested to make sure that they are not the origin of the problem.
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    What if pituitary and hypothalmus are the source of the problems? Is there something to do about it?
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    I suspect this is part of my problem, as well. I've always had hypoglycemia, since childhood. My blood pressure is borderline high, however.

    Is Seriphos a prescription?

    DHEA sounds interesting, but Dr. Teitelbaum says to be careful and get tested for cancer, etc. The 7 keto DHEA supposedly bypasses the hormone part, but isn't as effective.

    If you can barely exercise without getting postexertional malaise, how else can you help?

    Any other tips on treating the adrenals?

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    Adrenal glandulars are the simplist way to treat.

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    Yes, I take adrenal glandulars too. I forgot about them since that book doesn't recommend them. I think he's afraid of mad cow disease, even though there's no precedent.

    My doctor likes the adrenal glandulars. I don't know if they work. If so, it's certainly not like the dhEA and cortisol. Maybe a mild effect.

    Another adrenal substance is pregnenelone (made throughout the body also). A precursor to DHEA, but also works for other things. Supposed to make your mind clearer. I've not noticed a dramatic effect, but that doesn't mean it's not doing anything. That's available over the counter, as is DheA.
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    I had my cortisol tested once during my first bout with CFS. It was 11, and I think that was in range. Stress can certainly cause high levels. I wonder when I wake up at night in a panic and can't sleep if that isn't a boost of cortisol. Maybe the trick is to take the St. John's Wort and L-Theanine so I'm calmer.

    Just came in from a 2 1/2 block slow walk in the sunshine. My pulse only went up to 98. Last month it would climb to 115. Dr. Lapp says to keep exercise down to 110 or lower. So maybe, my tolerance is getting better. I feel more relaxed after the walk. I think mild exercise might be good for the adrenals also.

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    thank you all for your great input.
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    There are things that can be done to treat a malfunctioning pituitary or hypothalamus. I can’t say what off of the top of my head. If you had them tested, the doctor who did the testing should be able to tell you how to treat them if necessary.
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    I have tried everything. I love what I am doing right now, as good as I have felt in awhile. All-natural and herbal remedies, not feeling any side effects that you do with meds. Check out the info below, from a website, Jigsaw Health, good stuff with great information.

    Good Luck!

    Dietary recommendations for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome include:

    * Add ground flax meal to your diet since it contains healthy dietary fiber and omega-3 essential fatty acids.
    * Add extra virgin organic coconut oil to your diet to benefit from the saturated fat that can help stabilize blood sugar levels.
    * Add foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids to your diet in the form of fish oil, wild-caught salmon, minimal-mercury albacore tuna, and sprouted walnuts.
    * Add mineralized salt to your diet, especially upon rising (½ to 1 teaspoon mixed in water) and at least a half-hour before your lowest energy point of the day.4 Choose Himalayan crystal salt.
    * Eat lightly cooked animal and vegetable proteins (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes). Read more about good protein and bad protein.
    * Eat dairy products with live, active cultures (probiotics), such as organic, unpasteurized yogurt and kefir (unless you are allergic to dairy).
    * Eat plenty of unrefined low-glycemic carbohydrates (brown rice, sprouted grains, winter squash).
    * Limit intake of fruits that have a high glycemic index such as apricots, raisins, banana, papaya, and mango.6
    * Eat plenty of vegetables and vegetable juices (kelp, sprouts, green and black olives, peppers, spinach, chard, celery, zucchini).
    * Add nutrient-dense and unprocessed foods such as sprouted nuts and seeds to your diet.
    * Drink purified water throughout the day.

    FROM --
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    its so interesting hearing all these messages, I havent and the naturopath and doctor I go to have mentioned NOTHING of these things you are mentioning, you guys must have been doing this for such a long time, you sound like doctors and scientists yourself. I find it all very overwhelming, surrely there must be a simpler way!!!!!!
    Am getting really concerned with this illness after reading all this, very scary.
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    I have/had(?) adrenal fatigue. If you check my posts you can find other threads where we have talked about it.

    Just a note re. DHEA. My current doc. says that the DHEA may not do you much good if the adrenal function is very low because the body cannot "utilize" it. I know everyone reacts differently. I took DHEA, which was VERY expensive, when I first got ill on the advice of a doc. and it did nothing for me. That first doc. also put me on phos serine (spelling?) without even checking my adrenals. So he was lowering their function when they were already depleted?????
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