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    I"ve been extremely fatigued & having what feels like panic attacks. after I eat some protien then I start to feel alittle better. I can't stand noise and sometimes can"t even take talking to people. Is there any good vitamins that I can take. I don"t like missing with hormones. Thanks Sixtyslady.

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    I think we can all relate to this. About a month ago I listened to a guest on Dr. Oz say that you MUST eat 30 grams of protein within 30 min. of waking up in the morning. I did some research on the protein and found that l cup of cottage cheese is about 28 grams. After eating this then I have my bowl of fiber cereal. Oh yes.....and I'm working really hard to drop caffeine. And according to Dr. St Amand in his book on FM, a huge percentage of us have reactive hypoglycemia and that's why you have to learn to eat properly. I just reread his chapter on this and am working on to keep putting protein in me every 3 hrs.

    I passed this info on to my son who is having low blood sugar troubles. Since he's started the cottage cheese first thing in the morning he's got tons more energy. Wish I could say the same thing about energy for me though.
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    Here's what helped my adrenals. First, I saw a very good chiropractor who does muscle testing, and he is the one who found that my adrenals were wiped out. He gave me Drenatrophin PMG (an adrenal glandular product) from Standard Process, and it helped me a lot - I had to take 3 or 4 times teh regular dose at first because my adrenals were so weak. My energy started to pick up within a couple of days of starting this. Before I was weak as a kitten.

    Then I learned more. Stress of course is very hard on the adrenals so you need to minimize that as much as possible. Also, caffeine, alcohol and sugar are all very hard on the adrenals.

    Vitamins: You need a good B complex - I think the best ones have the B vitamins in the bioavailable form - Thorne Research makes a couple of good ones, as does Swanson Vitamins.

    Also - pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health and so extra pantothenic acid can be very good (it's one of the Bs) - I took this in addition to the B complex.

    Have you had your cortisol levels checked? If they are high (which is quite common), you may need something like Seriphos to help normalize them. But you should not take Seriphos without getting your levels checked, as it may make your cortisol go too low. A good test is the Adrenal Stress Index test, a saliva test which measures cortisol levels throughout the day and evening. Any doctor or naturopath can order it. I had one done through Clymer Healing Research (they're on-line).

    Good luck -

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    Good advice on the protein intake in the morning. I am not much of a morning eater so trying to eat protein is tough. I don't like cottage cheese or milk so I am left with trying to prepare eggs in the AM before driving my son to his school and starting work there.

    Any other suggestions on a quick protein breakfast?

    Also, I drink a product called adaptogen plus made by trivita to help keep my cortisol levels down. It is a little pricey but it works really well.
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    You need to do a search, like I did, for something I could eat that would give me the protein. I do eat some cheddar cheese about every 3 hrs. or some almond butter to have a continual supply of protein in me. And if I'm up around 3 a.m. (which is very usual for me) I eat a few spoonfuls of it. I did a check and it's 7 grams.....same as an egg.

    My daughter makes something called a "skinny muffin" from Dr. Oz's show. Here's the recipe. She also adds some protein powder to it along with cranberries or blueberries.

    Jorge’s Skinny Muffins
    Makes one serving

    1/4 cup ground flax
    1 tsp baking powder
    2 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp coconut oil
    1 egg
    1 packet stevia

    Mix all ingredients together in a mug and microwave for 50 seconds. Allow to cool to a safe temperature and enjoy!

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    I did find a good article on it on-line and I"m trying a few things will let you know how different things work out. sixtyslady.heres a few things that were listing.B-vit,sea salt, protein,gensing. natural body brush,This is a dry body brush before your shower I tried it and it did make me sleep better.reflex points for the adenal glands.thymus gland thump, & deep breathing.
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    The natural flavor is the one without sugar etc. It has no carageenan which is said to not be good. See Andrew Weil on this if interested. If you want sweetener, you can add what you want.
    When the cortisol is too high for too long, it will start to be too low. Then adrenal glandulars are too much for some. I wish I had heard about Phosphotydleserine to lower my cortisol but now I am the other way, too low after being high for so many years. You should be under some kind of doctors care so you when to take what. Like you are not supposed to be high at 2 am with the cortisol as the body is supposed to rebuild in the early morning hours. My doctor did not know how to read the tests. It was spelled out right there. Sad. I cannot take cortisol supplementation. An adrenal saliva test that some ND doctors do is good maybe to see where you are with things. I do believe it is called Diagnos-Techs. (ASI-adrenal stress index) It also checks for gluten sensitivity at the same time and DHEA. Regular MD's use different tests and not those.