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  1. wannabwell

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    I recently read that poor adrenal function could be one part of our symptoms of CFS. Has anyone been tested or treated for this as part of their illness, and if so, how were you tested/treated.
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    My naturopath gave me an Adrenal Stress Test (ASI)
    The test takes saliva samples through out the day. You have to avoid a list of foods, etc. to get an accurate reading. I took the test because I felt so wiped out especially when I went outside in the sun which is a sign of adrenal fatigue. I'd have to immediately lay down. Anyway, I'm taking 4 drops under my tongue morning when rise & evening at bedtime of DHEA 0.7 mg./ Pregnenolone 0.19 mg. It has helped a lot but I still am fighting some fatigue but I have only been on it since Dec. and it is a very low dose. Hope this helps answer your questions.
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    Problem with a lot of these tests is that they can't tell whether the problem is the cause or a symptom. Does the fatigue appear because of the adrenal problem or is the adrenal problem appear because of the fatigue? I have a feeling the reason a lot of sufferers only feel marginally better after being treated is because it's the later. If it was the cause we'd get much more relief. Just thought I'd throw a little zen moment in there.

  4. wannabwell

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    Thank you all for your replies. This is all helpful. Is the saliva test something that is usually performed by naturopath's or do traditional physicians/labs do this kind of test? It sounds like something worth pursuing.

    I agree Bob, with your thoughts that it's probably a result of our illness rather than a cause, but even if discovering and treating it makes a marginal improvement--it will be worth it to me. I have major problems with blood sugar dropping after physical or mental exertion, and always thought it was the liver that was malfunctioning to cause this--and only recently read that adrenal dysfunction plays a role in blood sugar levels.

    I have read about different methods of treating adrenals if they are an issue--cortef, licorice and bovine adrenal glandular tissue (and now there are others mentioned in this thread). From those in the know--is it pretty much trial and error, or do different test results prompt different types of treatments.

    Thanks again!
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    ~Would one go to a GP, or Naturopath, or Endo? Or...?
    It sounds like something worth pursuing...Thanks!
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    My GP doesn't do ASI test. I don't think most GP's do it. Mine pretty much ignored this symptom when confronted with it so I went to a naturopath that treats adrenal fatigue. I don't think I would have gotten adrenal fatigue if my immune system wasn't dysfuntioning for such a long time from the CFIDS. Its impact on other systems is great as you know. I also had elevated liver counts for a few months from all of the stress via toxins going on inside me. I also took the comprehensive detoxification profile test from the Great Smokies Diagostic Lab. I am taking epsom salt baths every other day to help with the out take of my liver which is insufficient in magnesium sulfates. (epsom salts is magesium sulfate) Also I drink licorice root tea every morning when I get up as my adrenals are especially deficient according to my test results in the morning. I would like to add to my message to you that I have always had a very sensitive system so it doesn't take much to correct it or harm it. I am starting out with natural gentle ways to help my system for this reason. As time goes on if it isn't successful I may change my game plan but so far I am having some good results. I hope you find the answers you need. Don't stop looking. It isn't what any of us chose but we need to all keep searching for answers to help ourselves to the best life we can get! My best to you.