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    I think I have adrenal problems, too. I want to try some natural remedies. I have CFS/FIBRO for many years now. I am some better but still quite sick with it. My insurance is not the best and no doctors in my area who know much on it. So I am still trying to find ways to feel better and get better.

    It has been a long journey and hope helping the adrenal glands will make a difference. I am sensitive to most meds and have food allergies now, etc so I enter things cautiously. I have Atrial Fib so don't want anything that will kick in a fast heart rate etc. This site is very helpful on a lot of areas for us. I sure hope some one can suggest something for me to try. An article this month was very informative on what exhausted adrenals can cause.
    Thanks in advance.
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    re atrial fibrillation - have you had your potassium levels checked? low potassium is a very common cause of atrial fib and easiliy remedied. My levels were at the bottom of the normal range, and that was too low for me - I felt better when I added in some potassium. I didn't have atrial fib but the low (although "normal") potassium made me quite weak and lethargic.

    I see you saw the PH article this week about adrenal depletion.

    The article provides a link to info about an adrenal saliva test which is well worth doing and can give you important information about your adrenals.

    The adrenal stress index test (saliva test) showed that my cortisol levels were high and I was told to take Seriphos (non-prescription - phosphorylated serine), which worked really well to lower my levels. It also helped with sleep but it was important to take it, paradoxically enough, in the morning, and then it worked to lower my cortisol levels at night.

    What also helped me when my adrenals were weak was an adrenal glandular product called Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process, and a good B vitamin complex plus extra pantothenic acid - pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health. A chiropractor who does muscle testing helped me with my adrenals. To find one you can call Standard Process customer service (go to their website) and they'll give the names of practitioners in your area who use their products.

    Also, I'd suggest seeing a naturopath or integrative medicine doctor if possible who would be more knowledgable than regular docs.

    Best wishes,

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    mbofov---thanks for the info. I am thinking of seeing my chiro and see if she can help with some of this. No naturopaths close by and it is nice to have more HOPE! I am older and just want to feel better(nerve system,pain, heart, sleep, food allergies etc) and able to be up more than 3 hours at a time.I have not head that potassium could help the A-Fib and my docs never suggested it...too simple Isuppose. I am excited to see if that would help it too. I do have a lot of problems with the A Fib too.

    The Best to YOU also.
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    Caledona...thanks for the help. I will try the sea salt etc and see what that does. I am thinking of seeing my chiropractor and see if she can help on some of this. I am afraid of stirring up the a-fib more. I am thankful to know there are more things that may help me with this!

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    Thanks a lot for you info. Lots of great helpful people here.
    Take care.
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    Mary...thanks for the info. Low potassium..never mentioned by my regular doc. I will ask to be checked before long and may try to see my chiropractor. I saw many many doctors the first 15 years! Rarely anymore..can't take most of their meds they suggest..tried and tried. I thought I was 'crazy' for a while but soon learned it is a common thing with this.

    I can't afford to travel to see a doc anymore...illness ended my marriage after 30 years and on my own 11 now. So I will see what my doc and chiro can do for me. I have had Candida and leaky gut for years and still a struggle with all the things I do for it. It is better though.

    I take B complex and other supplements but not the pantothenic acid..will try it.
    Thanks for you ideas and all the best to you.
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    I agree to read our lab results. I know dr Teitlebaum has told us about the 'normal' lab ranges and ours are usually low. I will call my dr office and get the last blood work.routine and see what is low.

    I appreciate you reminding me of reading our own when we can and work on those things. I used to get copies each time but haven't the last few years. So I take it you are better with taking the things for the exhausted adrenals?

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    ok on the # on adrenal levels...Vit D ..need to take that again. It seems like so many things I took wasn't helping so I would stop. I too have seen Vit D3 is so important and will start it soon. Thyroid test was low side of normal...I didn't say anything because I have the A-Fib that can kick my heart up to 200 beat a minute and irregular for hours. I know the thyroid meds can sometimes cause some problems there so I have avoided it. I also have learned that my food sensitivity will kick in those heart spells I have like gluten and dairy. I may try it if don't get better. Most meds can take only 1/2 the normal dose... thanks.

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