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    My husband has CFS and complains that his adrenalin rushes are happening all the time. His adrenal glands seem to be "overactive" not underactive. Why then would you take adrenal support supplements. Wouldn't that encourage your adrenal glands to even be more active? Answers anyone please? thanks.
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    The adrenal glands make a number of hormones. Some, like cortisol, are to cope with short-term stress. Others, like DHEA, are to cope with longer-term stress. Others have specific functions (like adosterone, which regulates blood pressure).

    Getting rushes of adrenaline sounds like (if indeed it is related to the adrenals) cortisol is being released. This may be hard on the adrenals, causing them to weaken in general.

    Anyone thinking about supporting adrenals should get cortisol and DHEA testing done. Otherwise it's impossible to know what to do.

    I just bumped a couple of posts on this topic to the top of the board. They are called:

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    Best, Lisa
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    i don't know. he should get the saliva adrenal test from diagnos tech labs. and get advise from a dr who treats adrenal issues.

    order test from canaryclub/dr shames, or clymer healing center/dr neville, or any other place w drs that treat adrenal fatigue. maybe dr lam, dr rind, dr james wilson, etc. test should be $100 - $160 or so.

    i used to get nasty adrenalin rushes at night in bed- heart pounding- gross.

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    will the adrenal saliva test do both cortisol and Dhea levels? Can't a regular lab do this test? Can this test be done with normal lab blood work instead? My husband was having epidural steroid injections for pain in his upper and lower back for years until he had a severe physical and mental reaction to his last two. He can no longer have them, but it also depleted his testosterone level and he is now using the cream version which has brought that back up to normal. Will either of the above effect that again?
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    I will try to answer you questions with what I have learned. (I am not a professional, obviously!!) Yes, the saliva test from diagnos tech will test both cortisol and dhea. No, most "normal labs" do not do saliva testing. Yes, one can have both cortisol and dhea tested thru regular blood testing. (some of the "experts" (dr james wilson and others)in adrenal fatigue say that the saliva testing is much more accurate.

    note- if he was on steroid injections for a while and had low testosterone - those are even more reasons to get his adrenal test. why?- steroids can alter/hurt adrenal function. also- adrenals make a small but important amount of ones testosterone.

    I didn't understand your last question, so I can't answer it.

    hope this helps
    bigmama2 (just a person w cfs who reads alot!!!!!!)
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    The term adrenal supplements would include all of the nutrients they need to function and also things that would stimulate them. If you just use the nutrients that they need to function, it wouldn't cause them to be overactive, it would just give them what they need to function properly.

    Some of the nutrients they need include: vitamin B5, B6, C, E, glutamine, lysine, proline, betaine (TMG, not to be confused with betaine hcl which is stomach acid), tyrosine, beta carotene and magnesium. Also, salt is very important to adrenal function. I would get sea salt or another healthy salt from the health food store, not regular Morton's sodium chloride. You can't cut salt out of your diet if your adrenals are not functioning properly. So don't use a salt substitute instead of salt. Other supplements that may be helpful are adrenal glandular and adrenal cortex extract.

    I was burning out my adrenals from deyhdration for awhile. You should look up the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and try to determine if they are in fact overactive or overburdened. One site to look at is drlam who talks alot about adrenal fatigue and Dr. Teitlebaum, cfs expert who had it himself, also has alot to say about the adrenals. You can google for that.

    Immunesupport has a good adrenal supplement in their store but you should do a little research first and try to determine what is causing his symptoms. If it is the glands themselves malfunctioning or something else causing them to be active at the wrong time like caffeine or dehydration. I did notice that once I became ill with cfs, caffeine (even just 1/2 cup of coffee) would dehydrate me instantly and it would take weeks to get over it.

    good luck,

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    Yes, adrenal supplements are needed for adrenaline rushes alone. And even if this were the only thing happening, the adrenals can 't function in overdrive indefinitely, they will get exhausted, so support is needed before that happens.

    BUT, you gave us the rest of the info in you next post, and his adrenals are indeed underfunctioning in over ways. Adrenaline isn't the only hormone produced by adrenals after all.

    To Quote you:
    "My husband was having epidural steroid injections for pain in his upper and lower back for years until he had a severe physical and mental reaction to his last two. He can no longer have them, but it also depleted his testosterone level and he is now using the cream version which has brought that back up to normal."

    So by your 2nd post, hubby does have symptoms of adrenal failure: his testosterone, which is produced by the adrenals via DHEA conversion, and also the steroid use overstimulating him for however long he was injected. Its no wonder he ended up w/ adrenaline surges, they are the adrenal's way of attempting to compensate for exhaustion and the inability to produce all the needed hormones they are responsible for supplying the body.

    Steroids are fake adrenals hormones and they have multitude side effects, as you hubby found out the hard way. I think they are too dangerous to be used in anything but a do or die situation myself. I was perscribed them for low cortisol that left me exhausted, but I wouldn't take them. I didn't know about adrenal glandulars then, and how much they would years later revolutionize my life (bummer), so I babied my body in as many ways as I could so my adrenals didn't have to work so hard and could recover. This was the slow route, but it did eventually work after several mths.

    I would highly recomend adrenal glandulars for your hubby. He may need to start w/ a non-hormone brand like Dr. Wilson's. That's what I started on. But if exhaustion and brainfog are persistent symtoms them a hormrone containing brand will be warranted. I take New Roots herbal which leaves the hormones intact and it has actually helped me w/ those nasty adrenaline surges that I'd always friggin get when I went to bed and then I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and I'd be all wired.


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    Thank you all for your information. As an aside - my husband Tom did have those adrenaline rushes almost from the start when he got the flu that never went away so long ago. But the steroid injections he got (although given in certain two areas of his back alternatively) eventually travel systemically and eventually (5-6 years later) began giving him mental rages and physically horrible feelings for three or four days afterward and lingering not feeling good for a long while after that.

    I'm going to contact one of the websites to get a saliva test for him. and then if necessary, start him on the non-hormone brand type. If I contact Dr. Wilson's website - could they provide the saliva test and then read it? How does that work?
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    I have been confused on this subject. What is the difference between the taking hormones for adrenal support and the ones that are non hormone? I read that the non hormone ones are made of glandular tissue and not the glandular hormone itself is that correct?

    What is the difference? How does eating pills made of a pigs gland tissue help the adrenals? I am not knocking this...I am simply trying to learn more and don't quite understand how this all works. I don't understand how eating the pieces of gland tissue can get the adrenals working properly.

    If someone can help me I would appreciate it. I just want to know the difference in taking the hormone itself and taking the piece of gland tissue.

  10. bigmama2

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    mdshrontz- from what i have read the lab that does the best test is diagnos techs. i dont know if you can order it thru dr wilson. i hope so- that would be great.

    pw- yes- that is my question too!!!!! i asked my dr (who specializes in this) and he said the glandular pills only contain minute amounts of hormones, but more importantly they contain the raw building blocks (or nutrition) of adrenal glands. He said that when you take the glandular pills your own adrenals are then better able to make cortisol and all the other hormones and chemicals that they are supposed to make.

    I dont know if i totally believe that, but I do know that I am doing better on the glandular pills, and so is my brother!

    i have read dr wilsons book (adrenal fatigue) and he says that the adrenal glandulars are the better choice (over RX natural cortisol) because they "support and rejuvinate the adrenals". But he also says that Rx natural cortisol can be used in cases of severe/advanced adrenal fatigue. but he says this should only be done thru an experienced medical practicioner.

    wilson's book is excellent!! also lots of good info on his website. maybe buy it cheap on amazon or ebay? wilson also make his own line of adrenal supplements.

    well that's what i know - from all that i have read.
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    Try to reduce stress levels...disfunctional relationships, work issues, etc...

    Try some calming evening herbs such as Skullcap, Motherwort and particuarly I like PassionFlower. If he is concerned about his heart then Motherwort would be beneficial with some PassionFlower and/or Skullcap in the evenings.

    Try L-Theanine during the daytime is calming but won't put you to sleep...

    Good luck.
  12. pw7575

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    Thank you for the explanation. I wasn't sure how that all worked. Glad it is helping you and your brother!

    Take Care,