Adrenal Support Supplements?

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  1. Eve612

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    What can one take to strengthen adrenals? I suspect that is part of my problem & was wondering if there was something that I had not heard of? All these symptoms are about to get me down. I would give anything to feel better!

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    It is very important to know what stage of adrenal failure you are in, as the things that help one stage can make another stage even worse and vice versa. For example, adrenal glandular extracts are fine for stage 1 or stage 5 and 6, but can be a disaster for stages 2, 3 and 4. Glandulars will increase both your cortisol and adrenalin levels, and if you are in the middle stages (resistance stages) that will make your panic attacks, rapid heart beat, insomnia, shaking, exaggerated startle reflex, etc. even worse than it already is.
    The first thing would be to get an Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) test done to see what stage you are in. This is a saliva test that you do at home, from a kit.
    Any holistic doctor can do it, or you can get them at some compounding pharmacies, but you still need to find someone to help you read it and prescribe treatment. Another option is to go to Dr. Gerald Poesnceker's website and order the test from him. He will read your results and treat you by e-mail using the products available at his website. The only disadvantage of that, is that you won't get drugs if you need them, as the far advanced stages often do. A holistic doctor is better for that.
    Youc an always experiment by yourself with extracts, licorice tea, ginsengs, etc., but please be careful. Having done some of that myself at first, I would not do it again.

    P.S. There is one thing you can and should do right away. That is to make sure you are taking at least 75 mgs. of each B Complex vitamin daily, and extra B5. Take about 125 mgs. of B5. Also take at least 500 mgs. of vit. C.

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    Guess I'd best not be trying to self medicate with this...I will check with my Dr. I take a lot of products by Standard process Labs., (great supplements!) And they incorporate "all" of the B vitamins, & plenty of C too_One ohter supplement that Dr. West(Alternative Dr. in California) prescribed for me is Drenamin, which is supposed to be good support for weakened adrenals. I may just need to increase that a bit...anyway, thanks!