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  1. mdjaj2231

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    Hi everyone.

    Anyone have any idea if there are any risks with self-treating with any adrenal supplement?

    Thanks. Hugs.

  2. sdown

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    Have you had a doc checked your adrenals for Addison' disease (adrenal gland exhaustion). I have Addison's which causes chronic fatigue. Im also anemic. I take cortef and DHEA for the adrenals. As for a supplement you could take DHEA (available at any pharmacy). But I would get tested by a doc first. I read on another website healthboards that someone's doc Endocrinologist recommended licorice. Ive never tried licorice so I would do some research on that one. Extra potassium and sodium is very good for someone suffering from adrenal problems as you don't balance your electrolytes properly.
  3. mdjaj2231

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    I will research all this info. It's great :)

    I have to try and find a dr. who will check this. the ones I have now won't. My daughter has non-classical adrenal hyperplasia. I was tested and came up negative but sure have all the symptoms. I just want to have some more energy.


  4. Daisys

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    My ND put me on 6 pellets a day of isocort. From what I hear any more than 8 and your adrenal glands will atrophy because of not being used. So I would think you'd need to do your research and be careful not to take too much or for too long. ~Daisy
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    There can be some individual sensitivies to certain herbals, like licorice and derivatives of glands, like DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, etc.

    I'm getting unexpectedly great results from using a combo of glandulars, mainly adrenal and liver, but lower thyroid and others like spleens, pancreas. Glandular therapy is much safer than hormone replacement or meds like cortisol, t3, t4. iT'S the way to go imo.