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  1. crickett

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    My adrenals are in a hyperactive mode and my integrative dr just told me to go back to taking seriphos since I did horrible on cortef . The Hc has put me in overdrive anxiety left and right for no reason I find myself shaking at any little stress . So I started out taking 1 in the morning and it makes me tired on top of being tired but does help with anxiety so I have added another 1 in the afternoon to help. Just need some energy.
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    I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Has your doctor done an adrenal stress index test? It measures cortisol levels 4 times through the day/night so you can tell exactly what you are dealing with.

    My test showed high cotisol at night, so I was given Seriphos to lower it, but found it was important to take it in the morning, paradoxically enough. The Seriphos did calm me down, and helped with sleep, but did not make me tired at first. I had to start with a high dose (8 capsules a day) and after several months it began to make me tired and realized my cortisol levels were going too low, and so I cut my dose and eventually got off of it.

    Anyways, I'm surprised that one capsule would make you tired, but we're all different. The Adrenal stress test (it's a saliva test) is extremely helpful, if you can get your doctor to order it.

  3. crickett

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    Mary thank you for replying. My doctor did not even offer to run a saliva cortisol test on me. I had 1 ran on me before I became a patient of hers. I know my adrenals were in a hyper state because of the reved up anxiety and not sleeping at nite and waking at 5.00 am even after I had taken meds to make myself sleep . I ended up taking more of the seriphos which is definitely helping me with memory calmness and I am actually sleeping better at nite!!! My compounding pharmacist also has recommended thAt I take rhodila with it . I am far from being well but it is helping . Just hope that it helps my adrenals to heal . I could not take Hc made me worse. How long were you on the seriphos
  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Oh, I was just typing a long reply and lost it - will try to do it quicker this time!

    I think I was on the Seriphos around 6 months the first time, starting with 8 capsules a day in divided doses in the morning (4 when I first got up and 4 mid-morning), and gradually eased off over several months. It took trial and error to get the right dose. When it started making me more tired, I realized it was making my cortisol levels go too low, but that was after a couple of months.

    You wrote on the chit chat board that you got hyped and nervous etc. after taking the Standard Process adrenal glandular. WEre you taking cortef at the same time? If you were, I would bet it was the cortef which gave you that reaction. I've taken SP and other brand adrenals glandulars off and on for several years and never had that reaction.

    My chiro explained that cortef pushes the adrenals to work harder, exhausting them further, but that adrenal glandulars actually let teh adrenals rest, helping them to heal. They helped me so much, I don't what I would have done without them.

    So you might try them again, or perhaps wait until you get stabilized on teh Seriphos and then do it.

    Also a good B vitamin complex and extra pantothenic acid are important for adrenal health. Pantothenic acid is really important for the adrenals and helped me as well.

    And i'm sure you know about eliminating stress as much as possible - meditation is really good for dealing with stress. And coffee, sugar and alcohol all are rough on the adrenals.

    Good luck -

  5. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Thank you Mary for the info. I was on the cortef and using the standard process adrenals glandulars. But I am just using the seriphos and dozing as my adrenals rise. I talked to a lady pharmacist who recommend rhodiola so I added that as well I will get me some b complex tomorrow when I am out. So Mary can you actually tell that your adrenals are better??? Every time I go to the dr. Office my anxiety goes thru the roof????? And It was for my mother ??? It makes me so upset that I can't get it to stop. I try to avoid stress but it's been really hard my son has been having martial problems and had to move back home and my granddaughter lives with me 2 but he just bought a house so that will be changing soon. I do get depressed in the winter I've lost almost all my friends since I got fibro they do not understand and I just do not even bother to even explain it. I was hoping that if I get my adrenals to work better that would help me . Thank you so much for your info
  6. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Yes, I can tell that my adrenals are much better. The seriphos did help tremendously with lowering high cortisol which caused anxiety and inability to deal with stress and insomnia.

    My house flooded in 1995. I thought I was dealing with it okay until several days later I had this bone-deep fatigue - and finally realized my adrenals had taken a hit due to the stress. Within a couple of days of starting the adrenal glandular from Standard Process, my energy started to come back.

    The adrenal glandulars helped so much to support my adrenals when they were weak, and gave me energy. Weak adrenals will lower your energy. It's not called adrenal exhaustion for nothing. You will feel exhausted when your adrenals are depleted.

    I did try rhodiola - it's an herb, but it didn't do much for me. What helped the most were three things: Seriphos, an adrenal glandular (Standard Process of course is great) and extra pantothenic acid in addition to a good B complex vitamin. Also, I'm lucky in that my stress levels are much lower than they used to be. Meditation is extremely helpful for dealing with stressful situations.

    So yes - absolutely - my adrenals are much better than they used to be. I am eternally grateful to my chiropractor who first discovered my weak adrenals (my doctors knew nothing) and gave me Drenatrophin from Standard Process. The Seriphos was important too, and the B vitamins and pantothenic acid.

    Take care -

  7. crickett

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    Mary I hate to keep asking so many questions . But it sounds like you know exactly what I am going through. I have upped my seriphos but I am still waking up with heart palpitations and I am sound alseep when this happens I do take my seriphos and it does calm me down and then here comes adrenal rush so how much standard process raw adrenal did you take got my b complex and ordered my pantathic acid. My dr has pretty much washed me under the rug . Since I did horrible on cortef. Nice to know there is hope. Thanks for your input
  8. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I never had heart palpitations with my high cortisol.

    Heart palpitations can be a sign of magnesium deficiency. Lack of magnesium can cause anxiety too. They can also be caused by low potassium, among other things. I'm not trying to play doctor here, but there are some simple things you could try to see if they help. One is to start taking magnesium - most of us on this board are deficient in magnesium. A good form to take is magnesium glycinate, or magnesium citrate. My doctor has told me to take magnesium up to bowel tolerance - too much will cause loose stools. And it seems I can take quite a bit before that happens (over 800 mg.)

    For potassium you can eat more potassium rich foods, including bananas, although they have a lot of sugar. And I just read that V8 is high in potassium. So do a search for foods and potassium and see which ones are high in it. I would try both of these things and see if they help the palpitations. Of course you can ask your doctor but it doesn't sound like he or she would be too helpful with this if they have swept you under the rug for doing poorly on cortef! Also, low potassium can cause fatigue.

    There could be other reasons for heart palpitations but these are simple things you could try and if they help, great, and if not, maybe see another doctor.

    There are so many variables. I really think it would be good for you to see either a naturopath who hopefully would ask you all these things or a chiro who does muscle testing, who can check a lot of things quickly and easily.

    For the adrenal glandular, initially I had to take about 3 times the recommended dose (my chiro figured this out with muscle testing). And within a couple of days my energy started to pick up. I was taking Drenatrophin PMG by SP.
    I was at this dose for a few weeks I think and gradually cut back. I got where I could tell by how I feel how much I should take.

    Take care -

  9. crickett

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    Mary I found out what was causing my heart palpitations I was taking my sublingual hormones to early at nite . So got that figured out !!!! I used to see a chiropractor who did muscle testing . He was 2 far for me to drive but I've learned how to muscle test on my own . I do have some drenatrophin pmg . But did you take that along with your seriphos?
  10. mbofov

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    Yes, I did take both drenatrophin and Seriphos at the same time. They seem to do different things. Seriphos helped normalize my cortisol levels and drenatrohpin strengthened my adrenals. jaminhealth took adrenal glandulars and they helped her a lot too. But if you have any concerns, just try the Seriphos alone for awhile, and then add in the drenatrophin so you can tell exactly what's going on.

    I'm glad you figured out your heart palpitations! It can get complex, you do have to look at everything you're taking and doing.

    I do muscle testing on my own too (plus I have found a new chiro locally (I've moved away from my old one) who seems to be very good). I think it does help to have someone else if at all possible to help test things. But I do a lot on my own too.

    Well - good luck -

    Best wishes,

  11. cinnamon-4

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    Hi Mary..I see you do your own muscle testing. Is that easily explained and would you tell me how? I haven't been tested for adrenal problems but do have a lot of the symptoms and problems it creates. I have atrial fibrilation, CFS and more. I haven't had much luck with doctors in my small town area.
  12. mbofov

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    If you google self-muscle testing, you'll see several youtube videos which are probably the easiest way to learn. There are several different techniques (but all essentially do teh same thing) and you can just play around with it and see what works best for you. One video I looked at briefly is by Dr. John D'Amanda and it looks very good.

    The actual technique I use is a little different - I press down on my index finger like a chiropractor would press on your arm, and my finger will go weak or strong depending on the question. Or I will hold a supplement in my hand and do the testing, and see if I go weak or strong, indicating it is good or not good for me.

    Anyways, check out these videos. It's very easy to do.


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