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  1. crickett

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    Would like to know if anyone has used adrenogen for their adrenals was using magnolia bark. But made me more tired and like everything else I have tried seems like it just does not seem to work like it did at first . Thanks for any info
  2. mbofov

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    I have used Adrenogen in the past and it worked great for me. It is an adrenal glandular product. Other adrenal glandulars I've used that worked for me are Drenatrophin PMG and Drenamin by Standard Process, and Cytozyme AD by Biotics Research.

    Have you had an adrenal stress index test recently? It measures your cortisol levels throughout the day and evening, and if your cortisol levels are low, then the magnolia bark would likely make them lower, which could make you tired.

    So it's an extremely useful test to have done. If your doctor won't order it, then I would go through Clymer Healing Center (you can find them on-line) - they did my first test several years ago and we did everything by phone and e-mail and regular mail, and the cost was reasonable.

  3. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Mbofov thank you Mary for your reply. My dr has requested a adrenal saliva test kit for me . But I have not been able to make tje trip to go pick it up do to all these storm fronts we have had they have been really making me feel bad so as soon as weather breaks plan on going to pick it up.I've started on adrenogen ad can tell a little but only been 4 days so hope it helps also I ordered cytozyme ad biotics not sure if you also take that in additionwith the andrenogen or not read some old posts where some took both but I will wait to see . Thank you Mary for all your info . Crickett
  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I would only take one adrenal glandular product at a time. It's just I've taken different ones at different times, depending on what chiropractor I was seeing or what was available, etc.

    I really hope the adrenogen helps you, and hope you're able to get the saliva test soon -

    Take care -


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