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  1. crickett

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    Well here I go again need input was put on adrenastim in the morning and adrenacalm for evening . I noticed that I was experiencing more energy but could not sleep at nite . Morning still battling mild depression and mood swings but hope that will improve I dropped the adrenacalm and took more melatonin and I am sleeping good again . I live in Indiana so we have been having lots of weather changes so that might be affecting me . But not having any problems with the adrenastim not taking but small doze so maybe it just gonna take more just want the moodswings and anxiety to get better thanks for being here oh yes I am taking pantathenic acid!!!
  2. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I'm really glad to hear that something finally seems to be working for you! You have certainly been working hard on this. Pantothenic acid is really good for the adrenals so glad you are sticking with that too.

    I hope your mood swings and anxiety may start to resolve with these supplements - it just may take some time. At least you have more energy!

    Keep us posted -


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