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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pastorwife, May 25, 2008.

  1. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I was shocked to see this at the bottom of a message page I was reading here.

    Tired of Fibromyalgia?
    Get Effective Fibromyalgia Relief? 3 Days to Less Fibromyalgia Relief!
    www.*****.com (actual site deleted since my intention is not to send people to this site to see what it says. My intention is the opposite)

    Does ProHealth really promote such ads????

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  2. Sharon

    Sharon New Member

    Please make sure you bring this to the attention of someone at ProHealth...I can't imagine they would approve of this type of ad. Email them at for the best shot at getting it to the right person.
    Hope this helps!
    (((((((((soft hugs))))))))))
  3. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I have sent an e-mail to techsupport as suggested. Will let all know what's up.
  4. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    If this was a message on gmail, gmail scans all your messages for keywords and automatically generates ads related to the content of your mail.

    I have a gmail account and always find this more than a little creepy. The ads always, but always, relate to the content of the mail.

    So, it may have nothing to do with IS and simply be a function of your email account.

    Peace out,
  5. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    It was not gmail (never heard of it). When you're done reading this message, scroll all the way down and that's where I found the Google ad. In fact, it said "Ads by Google." That has to be part of the webpage setup to accept these ads and display them.

    I just find it ironic that we are not supposed to include website addresses in our messages (which I understand why) but then Google can display their ads inticing us to get cured in 3 days.

    I did not check out the website and am not condoning it. Just wondering if Prohealth condones it.

    Again, I have contacted Prohealth via email. I'll wait until then before making any more assumptions.
  6. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    It really does not good to report it. The board has no control over the ad. Google has google bots, the bots look at forums etc to see what people are discussing mostly. Then it turn Google places ads that correspong with the informtion the bots see.

    On a forum I belong to someone mentioned that at a certain corner in our town if your car was blue the street gangs who rival that color will harass you. Next thing we know there are gun ads at the top of the page.

    It is the google bots and Google that determine the ads.
  7. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Yeah, that would be just like gmail.

    However, there are no ads anywhere on my version of this page.

    I get IS content only.

    I bet MsBlue (I know I'm mangling your name, mucho sorry!) would know what accounts for the difference. I don't know if it's how you got here, what server you're using, no clue. All I know is that I have IS and only IS.

    Looking forward to finding out how this works.

  8. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    Again, this thread is NOT about the exact info. on this specific website advertised NOR is it about the treatment. I only wanted to know if ProHealth knows that these kinds of ads are displaying on their web pages. I want to know if ProHealth is standing behind what these sites are offering or if Google is putting any old ad it gets paid for onto ProHealth's webpages.

    My concern is that by having these ads shown it implies that they have the same reputation as ProHealth and that ProHealth has 'approved' them.
  9. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    And here is what I found out:

    What are Ads by Google?
    Ads by Google are contextually relevant advertisements that appear beside related content on the page. The web publishers who display Ads by Google are part of the Google AdSense program, and the ads come from Google's base of AdWords advertisers.

    So, this says that ProHealth applied for and agreed to this service. It's based on page content and/or words. I also think it means that ProHealth gets paid for displaying such ads. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    My opinion, this is not a good way to raise money. IT's playing with the devil.
  10. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    on my page save the one at the top for a product carried by PH.

    There are no Google ads anywhere at all. (I'm familiar with ads by Google, though, because they "read" my mail.)

    If this was intrinsic to the site would we not all see it? Could it be something to do with your browser or something else on your end rather than the PH site?

    My browser is completely filled with the PH page ~ there is no space for any advertising. For what it's worth, I'm using Firefox.

    This is all that's at the bottom of each and every page for me:

    Home | Library | Email Bulletins | Store | Community
    ProHealth's The World's Largest Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Website!
    Email US or Call US at 1-800-366-6056
    Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. PST
    International Callers can reach us at 001.805.564.3064
    Copyright © 2008 ProHealth, Inc.
    About us, Careers, Contact us, Privacy, 30-day Money Back Guarantee

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  11. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I have tried Internet Explorer and Netscape. Both show the ads. Is Firefox a browser or ISP? I do have popups blocked, but don't know if I can block ads like this. Does firefox allow you to block ads and that's why you don't see them, but I do?

    I still don't understand though, how Google could manipulate a webpage without authorization. I understand about popups, but this is definitely not a popup. And, now I see 3 ads! (Except no ads on page for me to type in my reply messages)

    Everyone, I appreciate your input and realize I'm getting easily frustrated today. Just one of those days where I know now that I'm not functioning well physically, and probably mentally also. I apologize if I have sounded angry or arrogant, especially to you Jaminhealth. I wish you the best with trying out what you read about and am glad that my question brought you an answer. I also am thankful for ProHealth and this website.
  12. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Firefox is a browser. I do see Google ads on my gmail ~ Google mail but not usually elsewhere.

    I have the popup blocker on but no other extraordinary blocking of anything.

    I'm using Live Bookmarks as my Feed Reader. I'm not at all sure what that is except one can choose Google as a feed reader. I wonder if you are using Google? Here's a description of what a "feed reader" does from Wikipedia:

    "Web feed · Internet"

    "In the typical scenario of using web feeds, a content provider publishes a feed link on their site which end users can register with an aggregator program (also called a feed reader or a news reader) running on their own machines; doing this is usually as simple as dragging the link from the web browser to the aggregator. When instructed, the aggregator asks all the servers in its feed list if they have new content; if so, the aggregator either makes a note of the new content or downloads it. Aggregators can be scheduled to check for new content periodically. Web feeds are an example of pull technology, although they may appear to push content to the user."

    "The kinds of content delivered by a web feed are typically HTML (webpage content) or links to webpages and other kinds of digital media. Often when websites provide web feeds to notify users of content updates, they only include summaries in the web feed rather than the full content itself."

    So, in order to use this one chooses a "feed reader":

    "An offline web feed is downloaded to the user's system. Feed readers are used in personalized home page services like iGoogle or My Yahoo or My MSN to put content such as news, weather and stock quotes appear on the user’s personal page. Content from other sites can also be added to that personalized page, again using feeds. Organizations can use a Web Feed Server behind their firewall to distribute, manage and track the use of internal and external web feeds by users and groups. Other web-based tools are primarily dedicated to feed-reading only. One of the most popular web-based feed readers at this point is Bloglines, which is also free. Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0, and many other web browsers allow receipts of feeds from the tool bar using Live Bookmarks, Favorites, and other techniques to integrate feed reading into a browser. Finally, there are desktop-based feed readers, e.g. FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, Outlook 2007, Thunderbird."

    I checked my Feed Reader under my browser preferences ~ same place you'd check for your pop-up setting.

    What I'm wonder is, if one chooses Google as the feed reader does it give Google greater access to the way one surfs, etc.

    I really don't know what I'm talking about so forgive my clumsy attempts to communicate re this. Also, doing so through deep fog :~)

    I hope you can change it because I know I find it disconcerting when Google is indicating it knows what I'm doing!

    Good luck sorting it out!

    ETA I tried to make this more comprehensible but only made it more complicated! That's what happens when one is talking about something one does not understand!

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  13. waltz

    waltz New Member

    Google ads are determined by a Google computer program by matching the words on the page to the most relevant advertiser by keyword. A computer isn't sophisticated enough to tell what's a "good" ad and "bad" ad by everyone's opinion. Only what is statistically most relevant. And that's probably determined by how many people click on the ads and how much money the advertiser is paying to have his ads shown.

    A Web site that puts Google ads on their page knows that they are getting "randomly" generated content. It's kind of like doing a Google search. You can't control what search results you get. Some of the pages returned in the search results are going to pages you don't like.

    As a Web surfer, you probably have to learn to interpret things accordingly. It's not the same as advertising in a magazine where the staff personally selects and places them. I think if you ask younger folks who grew up with the Internet, they won't think that ads have any relationship with the Web site, and that there is no promotion or support relationship at all between them.

    Google is not really manipulating the page. It's like a little embedded window that the Web site owner puts on the page that shows dynamic content from Google ads.

    Different browsers won't affect what you see. Browsers just get what page content the page maker made.

    A feedreader is a different kind of tool from a browser. They are usually more static text-based which is why some of them won't show the ads. Feedreeders are used to automatically get updates from content that sends out updates, such as blogs, news, or podcasts.

    Yes, the Web site owner gets money every time someone clicks on an ad. The more people click on a certain ad, the more it will probably be shown everywhere on the Web where Google ads are allowed. So, don't click on ads that look sketchy!
  14. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Someone who knows what they're talking about!!! May I ask you a couple of questions?

    Why do some of us see them and others do not?

    I was just on another site and noticed that they had a window with Google ads, yet I, and others, do not see them here.

    Thanks much!

  15. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I'm back.

    When you design or own a website most of us list our websites with Google or Yahoo and other and there is a reason for that. When you do this as you get more respnse to your site etc, these search engines boost you more toward the top of searches.

    So as you see, if you Google Immune Support, the search page that comes up has them at the top. That is because the are listed with Google, have been around a long time and have a lot of traffic.

    You list KEY words when you list with them that lead people to find you easier.

    Hope that explains it better.
  16. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Thanks for responding. I get that bit.

    What I'm curious about is why some people visiting the site see the Google ads and some do not.

    Why does Pastorwife see them while I do not? I do see Google ads on some other sites but not this one.

    Thank you for whatever you are able to ram into my thick head :~)

  17. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member


    Nothin'. I've checked out other PH pages, too... nothing anywhere.

    However, I do see Google ads other places and on other sites.

    Loved the song... sang along!


    I'm on OS X, too.



  18. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I got off of gmail because of the ads to the right of an email.

    However, sometimes they come up with some doozies. Once I got a bunch of porn sites when someone wrote me an email where she jokingly said that to always open her emails as there was no porn in them.

    I have never seen these type of ads on ProHealth. Wierd that some get them and other's do not. I still can not figure out the explainations but then I just figured out control, alt, deletd, LOL!!

    BTW what does ETA mean?


    PS. No I did not go to the sites.
  19. melloinlife

    melloinlife New Member

    I see them too. I run FireFox for a browser and I have the adds all the time.
  20. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    just saw them on the ChitChat board. Only page so far but it looks like I'm infected too :~)

    Peace out,

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