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    I came across a posting of yours where said you have been to Pleasant Valley Church. Just few weeks ago, a good friend of mine went there for help with issues other than FM/CFS. She came back so excited and very different. She admitted that the work does not stop there, you have to carry what you have learned and apply it every day. Having seen her in such great spirits made me want to go as well. If it is not too personal, I was just wandering what your experience has been? It is amazing to me how the theory of the hypothalamus and what this church is teaching is similar in a way. Anyway, if you do not mind sharing, I would appreciate it, but if you do mind - I understand.
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    Miracle I saw this post. I almost never check this board anymoe. Here is my honest opinion on PVC.

    I think that 80% of what they are doing there with CFS and fibro is great. Where I part company from them is that, while I am a Christian, I not charismatic in doctrine, so I had some issues there.

    I think they take the hypothalamus disease connection too far. While I think that it is the prime dysfunction in CFIDS/FMS, I do not think it has much involvement in all other diseases. I think you could benifit from PVC. I do not regret going. I met dozens of fibro and CFS sufferers who were better 100%. I went because a local woman who was bedridden with CFS was 100% recovered and recommended it to me.

    My trip to PVC did not cure me. What it did was set me on the right path to recovery? The knowledge I gained there helped me continue to do my own research and cemented in my mind that CFIDS is primarily a dysfunction of the hypothalamus gland. My experience there was invaluable. I just wish they would not expect the same results they are getting with MCS, FMS, and CFIDS with other illnesses. I was particularily disturbed regarding there dealings with genetic disorders like down's.

    So for hypothalamic disorders, I recommend them. But I would caution some folks with othere disorders from attending.
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    Where is Pleasant Valley Church located?

    Could either of you elaborate and what the church does in regard to hypothalamus illneess (my father has Myasthenia Gravis)? Do you belive that there is a corelation between the hypothalamus and CFIDS?

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    I have heard that a lot of people leave this board because they finally figure out either (1) what is causing their CFS/FM and get healed or (2) they just pain and simple give up or (3) they find they have an autoimmune disorder and go to other boards for comfort in dealing with those specific diseases.

    There could be other reasons too.

    There are a few people that stick around that are mostly healed and I know that everyone here TRULY appreciates their road to healing, how they have been healed, and the specifics of what helps!!

    It would be nice if more stuck around (at least come back 2-3 times a week to try and help).

    Advancewithcourage, I know that it would be beneficial to some of us to hear your stories as to the specifics as what has helped as we all WANT to be healed and are desparate for information.

    I also feel that you would get some great satisfaction in knowing that you have somehow helped people.

    I also wanted to say I am very happy for you!!!! :)

    Love and prayers,
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    Yes, the hypothalamus is unquestionably involved in CFIDS and FMS and as a result the whole HPA axis is thrown off resulting in a myrial of debilitating symptoms involving several organ systems. If you read my old posts, I don't know how far back they are listed, I posted a lot of info in the form of journal articles and about my journey to health.

    PVC is located in Thomaston, GA. They have a website you can easily find by doing a search.

    I believe that the only way to recover from these illnesses is to reduce stress on the hypothalamus so it can return to its former ability to maintain homeostasis in the body. Just look up the function of the hypothalamus in the body and it is a perfect picture of everthing that is malfunctioning in CFIDS/FMS.

    I would be happy to help anyone here I can. I don't think one way will work for everyone as our lives and bodies are all different. But the key is the hypothalamus. I just know it is! If you don't find the key you will remain imprisoned.

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    Thanks AWC, I appreciate the follow up and the information.

    I will do some research in regard to the hypothalamus and CFIDS.

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    We appreciate all of your input!!

    Love and prayers,
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    I just checked and all my posts are cataloged under my name in the search engine back to 2003. All my medical research info and the healing methods I tried should be listed in there. If there are any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them.
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    One more thing.... About myasthenia. I doubt there is a whole lot of hypothalamus involvement here. In my humble opinion the immunogenic diet or SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) is the best best bet for autoimmunity. Or I would try the raw food diet. Anything that eliminates the food molecules passing through a leaky gut and causing molecular mimicry should help.

    Do research on...

    molecular mimicry
    leaky gut syndrome
    MS Direct immunogenic diet
    SCD diet
    intestinal dysbiosis

    You might want to check out the use of low dose intermittant tetracycline therapy for autoimmunity. I do not know if it has been tried on MG, but it is showing promise with many autoimmune diseases. Do a search on the Road Back Foundation and ask them if they have any info on Minocin effectiveness in MG.

    Hope this helps. God Bless.

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