ADVERTISEMENT in today's paper ~~~ FMS,~~~ Please read this one

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    The advertisement is outlined in a box, but not declared as an advertisement. It reads:

    FIBROMYALGIA? (in very big letters)

    Providence - A new, free report has recently been released that reveals the "untold story" behind fibromyalgia pain. Fibromyalgia misdiagnosis and mistreatment is rampant and leads to countless years of unncessary suffering. This free report reveals a natrual procedure that is giving fibromyalgia suffers their "lives back" - with "miraculous" results for many. If you suffer from fbromyalgia you need this, No B.S., no "gimmicks" free report that is giving hope to fibromyalgia sufferers everywhere. For your free copy, call toll-free 1-800-749-*****, 24 hr. recorded message or visit our www.fibro*******

    (phone number and website not completed to comply with board rules)

    This lead directly to the FFC website!!!!

    Fibrofog is setting in, it also leg to sites for good prices on supplements, etc....

    I did miss the FREE report for the PROCEDURE, am heading back to the site again.


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    I have seen far too many ads that claim to cure everything under the sun, and some other things as well. Medical costs in the US are skyrocketing...and soon, we will not be able to afford to take care of ourselves, let alone all the baby boomers who are starting to enter our medicare systems.

    If you find the free report...let me know..if it is just another way to get you to the not bother to update me.


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    Just curious, but what Newspaper was this in? Are you saying the website led to the Fibro and Fatigue Center? At I Don't see a toll free number there listed with 1-800-749-**** and, I can't imagine the FFC directing anyone to "sites for good prices on supplements", when they have their own store which sells supplements at inflated prices. Something doesn't add up.

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    Elliespad I agree with you.

    The advertisement was in September 25 Providence Journal Page A4

    When you go to the website, the first page is really unusual..... it lists things like:

    Credit Report
    Traffic Report

    Consumer Report
    Term Paper

    Book Report
    Annual Report
    Vehicle History Report

    Reporting Tool

    Rhode Island
    Newport RI
    Newport Rhode Island Hotel

    When you click on Fibro the next page lists:

    Fibromyalgia Treatment Centers
    Our MDs listen and understand, our newsletter (sign up for it) keeps you informed of the latest therapies and tests being used in our centers nationwide.
    www.fibroand...(edited for board rules)

    Fibromyalgia Information Center
    Understand fibromyalgia symptoms, causes and treatment at the fibromyalgia center from U.S. news and world report.
    www.usn(edited again)

    Fibro Products
    Find, compare and buy products online. Read product reviews and compare prices from thousands of online stores.

    Compare Prices on Health and Beauty Products at PriceGrabber at www.pric......(edited again)

    Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms with 5-HTP
    You source for 5-HTP products and information. Latest research and findings on fibromyalgia and the 5-HTP connection.

    Then when you click Fibromyalgia Treatment Centers, you are at the home page for FFCs

    I wish I could post the entire web address... It is very unusual....

    Love, June

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[ advertisement ]