Advice about hysterectomies and FM please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by soulight, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. soulight

    soulight New Member

    I was thinking about information to ask the surgeons and anesthesiologist. What kind of things to be prepared for when I get home and what kind of pain meds people had. It will be a total abdominal hysterectomy including ovaries and fallopian tubes. Any advice would be so appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Personally, I feel the nite to prepare for is the first one post surgery. If you have a woman family member who can spend the nite, it would be helpful. I have spent the nite with two friends on the nite of theirs. One's hubby was kicked out by the nurse (ha) but I arrived with my book and looked like I wasn't going to cause any problems and the nurse said nothing to me.

    I think the pain med pump works differently at different hospitals. Another friend across the country had this experience. She didn't get any pain med at all out of the machine. The nurses were only allowed to ask her certain questions (sorry but she didn't say what they were). But this is the important part. If you feel that your pain pump is not working correctly, demand to "see a doctor in the house" or that yours be called.

    Sorry, did not mean to scare you by that. I have never heard of anyone else having that experience but wanted you to have the knowledge.

    The first nite is not a comfortable one cause of the IV's and the checking of the vital signs every two hours but it gets better. I think hospitals in general are not places to get a good nite's sleep! For one thing, the mattresses are never as good as your own! And after general anesthesia, it takes a few days for your intestines to "wake up", go lightly on the food. They will probably just give you clear or soft food at first.

    I am sorry this is not sounding very easy at all, is it? I have had three c-sections (vertical incision and a vag. hyst.).

    Bless you,


  3. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi Soulight!

    I'm sorry you have to have this surgury but it isn't too bad.

    I had 12 surgeries before these.

    I had it in two separate surgeries. In Dec 07, I had my uterus removed. I was at my mom's house for 3 weeks afterward to make sure I didn't do anything to hurt myself. Well, that was the best decision EVER! I went into remission for 3-4 months! I felt 100% again! I took advantage of it. (I met the man I've been dating since then... He's amazing.)

    The oopherectomy (ovaries removed) was in July of 2008. This surgery was a toughy. I made the mistake of leaving the hospital without urinating. The recover nurse did NOT do what she was supposed to do by making me pee before I left. I won't tell you the details but it was a LONG and painful (mentally/physically) few weeks.

    That being said here is my information that you asked for:

    The doctors handle pre-op pretty well. You can decide if you want Laticane (sp?) to numb your hand before they put in the I.V. Your arms and legs will be strapped down during surgery... Ask them to keep you awake long enough on the table to tell them if your arms and legs are in comfortable positions. (I didn't get a say during 1 surgery and had shoulder/elbow pain. You may have shoulder pain from the gas they put into your abdomen but the position of your arm may add to it.)

    After surgery questions: Ask about that hospitals "Pain Management" in the recovery room. I have been to many hospitals and they all vary. Some hospitals do NOT give additional pain meds in your I.V. until you wake up in pain. Some give you a little pain medicine before you wake up.

    Make sure they give you additional pain medincine (percocet pills) before you leave the hospital too, especially if you live any distance at all from the hospital. Also make sure you ask for something to help nausa... You do NOT want to be sick after any surgery. (Trust me.)

    Once you get home, the best thing to do is sleep as much as possible. They usually give you percocet after surgery and it should be enough to help with both surgery pain and FM pain. Just be sure not to mix pain meds unless the doctors tell you can - that's if you take something different from percocet.

    All in all, I think if you make sure to ask about the "pain management" and PEE before you leave the hospital and you'll be fine. Urinating after surgery is THE most important. You will have pain medicine in you so it will take a little time but please wait to pee before you leave the hospital.

    I wish you the best of luck. I hope you get a remmission like I did after my hysterectomy!


  4. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I had finished menopause but started spotting, and was told my uterus went "boggy" and needed to come out.

    I had abdominal surgery and they had to work hard as I had endometriosis attaching itself all over, and I had no idea I had it. A good blood loss, which made me very cranky with the medical staff..... especially one nurse who kept referring to my fibromylasia. I remember opening my eyes and in my old nasty school teacher voice said any idiot knows Mylasia is a country and myalgia refers to pain.. tsk, add a slight giggle as she ran out of the room.

    My daughter is an RN and I was mighty glad to have her once I was settled in the room. She discovered the pain button was sending nothing, and the O2 on the wall was not working. I would not have known.

    Ask for egg crate mattress and bring extra pillows of your own. First night I had inflatable "thingees" on my legs which meant staying on my back, and also that any movement and they popped off. Plus I had a room mate with an attitude who had tv on full blast all night. I was not pleasant, with no sleep, blood loss and noise, throw in some pain and in general brought out the cranky old woman in me.

    I confused the medical staff greatly as I said my incision pain was zero but my body pain was 10+. So whatever med they gave through IV didn't touch FMS.

    I read tooooooooo much at a certain web site, hystersi------- . I think only the people who had horrible experiences wrote and commented, the others were probably back at work. I had run out and bought underwear a size larger because they said to.... not needed. I did buy two moo moo type dresses so no jeans or slacks rubbing on my belly.

    I learned to sit with a pillow on top of me so no fur baby would give me a killer jump.

    I had no hormones going into surgery, so no complications after.

    Ten days after surgery I went out for dinner.

    Two days before my three week no driving policy...... I drove 43 miles by myself. I don't generally like to be told what to do, but I felt well enough to handle it.

    I was scared because I read too much.

    If I had to face another surgery, quite frankly I sneak in some of my own valium, or maybe soma as hospitals really frown on my long list of meds.

    The day I came home I went upstairs to bed, and down the next morning, and was fine taking care of my own needs and doing the stairs once or twice a day.

    Just ask for help the first 3 days and after that you should be ok.
  5. soulight

    soulight New Member

    for all the great ideas. The best advice is from people who have been there and have been there with our conditions. I plan to be a very squeaky wheel and cause problems if my pain isn't managed.

    I had a hernia operation last year and the pain was not managed well. Never again. I already talked to the nurse for the OR and she said she will send a pain management nurse the day after my surgery to make sure that I am doing O.K.

    This FM/CFS has made me a loud mouth when it comes to pain management. NO ONE knows this kind of pain unless they have experienced it. It is kind of like that with the classic migraines that I get too. If you haven't been there , it is just hard to explain the intense pain.

    Thank you again for all of you taking the time to tell your experiences ! I am going to do that googling about FM/CFS and surgery.

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    The only advice I can add is to have someone with you when you wake up from the surgery.

    My pain from being in the same position for so long was worse that the pain from the surgery itself.

    I needed my husband to move my legs around, bend the knees etc since I get so stiff and that means loads of pain.

    Hugs and gl,

  7. quanked

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    I think things have changed a lot since then. You did not say if you are having a vaginal hysterectomy or what. My daughter and best friend had this surgery almost a year ago. They both had more choices than I had--vaginal by the md or by a machine, the bikini cut incision or a very tiny incision and there could have been more but I cannot remember.

    My daughter was in the hospital for 2 days after the surgery. My friend went home the next day. You may want to google the surgery. The md's in both surgeries seemed very free witht the pain meds afterwards.

    You may want to research surgically induced menopause if you still have your menstrual cyle. I began hot flashes within a day of my surgery. Although I was not interested in having more children I had dreams of infants for awhile.

    In the big plus column both my daughter's and friend's lives have been greatly improved by the surgery--they had both lived in great pain for decades. They both now wonder why the waited so long.

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