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    i got baptized when i was 13 i lived my life, then i got rebaptized at age 29 because i knew my life was not heading down the way i wanted to, and i have made some major changes in my life, since my last baptism, to cut out the things that i knew god did not approve of but its one particular sin that keeps coming up in my life. i have not gave into the sin but im soooo afriad that the temptation is so great that if i do that sin i will farther and farther away from god and im so scared that i have isolated my self from certain people or i feel guilty talking to with them i know i am human and im going to mess up or sin some one please can you give me advice on this and pray for me
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    Christians are not perfect, but they are forgiven. I have a sin that keeps coming back to me, too. I struggle and sometimes I win..more and more of the time, simply because I spend more time in prayer and going over Bible verses in my mind.

    YOU are loved by God, equally, in the times you slip and the times you succeed.

    If you are at peace with God, phooey on feeling guilty!

    Hugs from one believer to another, Jana1
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    I know you've mentioned being raised in the Catholic faith but have now rejected it as well as all organized religion. You've also mentioned being let down by your faith. I'm guessing ,since you are a child of the40's-60's (I'm 50's 70's)that you were raised to live out of fear of God, rather than love for Him. I carry some of the Catholic guilt as well. However sinceVatican II, a lot of positive changes occured. Pope John PaulII was very insrumental in facilitating change as well. When my husband went through the RCIA program to enter the church, I was his sponsor. I re- learned a lot about the Catholic faith as well as gained a re -appreciation for my gift of faith. I know you enjoy researching different spiritual paths, why not research the faith of your childhood? You might be pleasantly suprised. God Bless, Jeanne
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    for the fast responses, you are right jana1 i have to find peace in god and know that he loves me even when i mess up (thats the hard part) my worst fear is giving into this sin and when judgement day comes that he will turn me away and i wont be able to go to heaven or hes disappointed in me. but you gave me something postive to look for and that s to seek for peace in god ty