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    I have excellent advice that works for diabetes.

    A doctor in South Africa discovered that Lupine seeds help regulating your body's sugar levels. A article about it was posted in our local Afrikaans newspaper, 'Die Burger'.

    How it works are not known yet. My grandfather also had diabetes and had an up hill battle in controlling his sugar level. After seeing the newspaper article he got some lupine seeds and started taking 2 seeds. The article emphasized NOT TO STOP YOUR DIABETES MEDS and I want to emphasize it as well.

    I can't remember exactly how many a day and how many times a day my granddad took it and I will make sure and come back to you on this.

    The lupine started to regulate his sugar levels and he saw a great improvement. He tested his sugar a few times a day and everytime saw a great improvement. His sugar levels started to stay steady and improved so much that his doctor started to slowly reduce his diabetes medication. At the end of the day he only had to take one tablet a day of his diabetes meds as long as he took the lupine seeds as well. He used it for years and his sugar levels stay stable. The doctors was so amased at this great improvement at told him if they haven't tested him thenselfs years ago, that would say that he did not have diabetes!

    Yes, some days we would literally caught my grandfather with his hand in the cookie jar and his sugar would rise very high. He just took extra lupine seeds and within 30 minutes to an hour his sugar levels were stable / normal again!

    My mother, a teacher, had a 4 year old little boy in her class who also had diabetes. His sugar levels also were sky high and he took a lot of diabetes meds. She had to test his sugar levels 3 or 4 times a day (the school started at 07:00 and had after care / day care after school untill 18:00). His sugar levels was very unstable and very quickly went for almost normal to very high. My mother gave his parents the advice of the lupine seeds. They asked my mother to give it to him in the mornings and during the day. In the mornings my mother tested the boy's sugar level and it was sky high. She gave the lupine seeds, I don't know how many and will find out, to him. She tested his sugar levels again 30 minutes later and his sugar level was normal! As time went on his sugar level also started to stabilize and his diabetes meds were also reduced as long as he used the lupine seeds!

    We gave this advice to MANY people over the years and each and every one had success! One of my father's workers also have diabetes and started to go blind because of the diabetes. He also started using lupine seeds and his sugar levels began to normalize as long as he took the lupine seeds and he even started to see again!

    Please try this and see for yourself, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO STOP TAKING YOUR DIABETES MEDS!! Work together with your doctor and let your doctor reduce the meds as needed. You have nothing to lose, so even if your sceptical, try it and see for yourself!

    I will ask my grandmother and mother how many lupine seeds my grandfather took and how many times a day, how he started to use it etc.

    You can buy the lupine seeds at the same place farmers buy it to plant it. Just make sure that it is the untreated seeds, you don't want to swallow pesticides! There is a yellow and white lupine seed and for the life of me I can't remember which one you must take!!! (FM memory loss?? ;) ). The lupine seeds I have in front of me are yellow, but I will just clarify this and will fill in the blanks, because I do not want to give any one the wrong advice.

    Good luck!
    I really hope that this advice works for you as well.

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    there are so many effective natural healing methods out there....thank-you for sharing sure big pharma would have a fit and try to get this taken off the market --if word really gets out.....
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    wow --ge in a soft gel--i would love that....there is a brand that comes in tiny little mini pills. it is so much easier to take pills that go down the gasket easy. i also heard that ge cleanses the tissues in the body and i have heard people tell me they have been cured of fibro just by taking mass doses of ge--the theory being-the ge cleansed the muscle tissues--and this is from non-believers of vitamins and herbs....of course this is not going to work for everyone.

    i always remember a holistic nutritionist who spoke at a fibro/cfids support group start off by saying that animals in the wild do not have fibro or is only when we get a hold of them that they start acquiring our illnesses-like cancer, etc.....and when they eat the diets we feed them and get away from their native diets in the woods.....makes you think?

    what other supplements have helped you?
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    also--jamin--i have heard of rod burreson putting ge lotion on his face and others--they said their skin glowed like you cant believe.....seems it has topical benefits to the collagen....
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    maybe i will try this too---it sounds good. also apricot kernal oil is very good.
  6. inbetweendays

    inbetweendays New Member

    yeah--you must experiment with dosage--i find larger doses are needed when treating an issue.

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