advice? need to convince therapist to "see" me through emails

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    My ND is a big believer in counselling. I kept telling her that I'm too weak and ill to be able to talk (honestly, I tried, couldn't even answer simple questions). Then she suggested massage and reiki to work off the emotional tension. I was too dead tired to keep it up. So I suggested, off-hand, some sort of e-mail counselling.

    And she told me she had found someone! That made me feel better. You know how we get, desperate to try anything if someone believes it will help us. I waited for the psychologist to e-mail me back. I got this reply tonight:

    "Dear Shannon

    Thank-you for considering me as a therapist. I have given quite a bit of thought to your's and Dr. [name removed]'s request to consider email counselling with you.

    Your presenting problems sound fairly severe. I've consulted with some colleagues and have come to the following decision. I need to meet face to face for an initial assessment/therapy session. I prefer to meet in person even if it is every second week with occaisional phone sessions if necessary. At the present time, email counselling would not allow me to appropriately assess and monitor your treatment and progress."

    Does anybody else get the impression from this e-amil that the psychologist doesn't register that I am really SICK? Like, physically sick? Disasterously, disablingly, criplingly sick, and that's why I asked to communicate by e-amil in the first place?

    I haven't written back to her yet. If she thinks that this being housebound and lying down all the time thing is malarky, I don't want to make myself sound any crazier in how I reply. ;)

    What should I say to her? Is there a way to make her understand that I'm sick, and that e-mail counselling isn't my first choice either, but it's all I can do right now?
    ((thanks)) Shannon
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    I would tell her the truth.......That you are to ill to leave your home.......And also ask her if she would consider making a house call to make her assessment.

  3. bettydroop

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    I guess if you have to... you can always say thanks but... I will keep looking, thank you.

    Sounds like it wont meet YOUR needs. Yeah, she may have you coming in every second week or whatever, but isnt that what your NOT looking for right now?

    Good luck finding what you need. Karen
  4. Shannonsparkles

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    ... that she hasn't had my situation properly explained to her.

    Talking is not an option for me. Not that I don't want to do it or am not interested, I simply can't talk. Period. Even the ammount of conversation it takes for me to write down a brief phone message is too much. Today my brother came home from work, and I barely had the energy to nod to him to greet him.

    I can't have a therapist of any kind over to the house even. I'm too phhysically weak for it. Even bodywork where I only have to lie down is too much interaction for my body to handle.

    Typing is pretty much all I can do now. I save a little energy so that I can say goodnight to my brothers, but that's all.

    I'll write her back and try to tell her how sick I am. If she doesn't believe me that I am sick (and as Cromwell has said, some of them don't), then she's not right for me. It IS physically impossible for me to "see" docs in person for now. That she would suggest "even only every other week" shows that she doesn't know how sick I am.

    I guess this is kind of a venting thread. I was really looking forward to e-mail counselling. I'm wondering if there really is anyone who feels comfortable working in that medium.