ADVICE NEEDED!!! Taking Antibiotics, Having Reaction?

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    Hello Fellow Fibromites -

    Have any of you ever had a reaction to amoxycillin or other penicillin containing anitbiotic?

    I had to take 2000mg of it about 3 weeks ago to premedicate for a dental procedure. (I have mitral valve prolapse in my heart). Well, I had to take 2000mg more the very next day for a 2nd procedure. I got sx of swollen glands in my neck, then by the 3rd day began having asthma sx, incl dry cough and restricted airway. I've been using (old) inhalars, until I can get in with a doctor. The last time I had asthma was a full 3 yrs ago. Next, I had a 3rd dental procedure, yesterday, and (reluctantly) took another 2000mg of amoxycillin. This time I had slightly swollen lymph glands in my neck and began a yeast infection.

    Two questions. What are the best "probiotic" type procedures to follow to get my body back in balance? AND would this indicate that I should consider starting up on a doxycycline (or similar) antibiotic for a possible micoplasmal involvement? I don't want to over-react to this, but on the other hand, I want to be proactive, as doctors, are only advisors and aren't "in charge" of my health. I want to learn from this.

    What advice or similar situations have some of you had?

    Thanks AND God Bless, ........ Jillian
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  2. klutzo

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    I would not touch another antibiotic if I were you until you have a visit to an allergist to be skin tested for ALL of them. You could have kicked the bucket! Penicillin allergy can kill, and if you ever have this type of problem again, go directly to the Emergency room. Carry Benadryl with you at all times while on an antibiotic from now on, or get a script for an Epipen injector and carry that too. Reactions tend to get worse with more exposure.
    The reason I suggest testing, is it will only take one visit, and you will know for sure which antibiotics you can safely take in the future for your MVP. I have an MVP too and am so allergic to so many antibiotics, that my dentist gives me what he calls a "buff and fluff" without antibiotics, but I have to take really good care of my mouth in order to get away with this...brushing within ten mins. of eating, and flossing or using a water pik after each meal as well. It's worth it, since I almost died from an ampicillin reaction once.
    BTW, I found out from my skin tests that I am dangerously allergic to sulfa drugs. I had no idea of this, and could have suffered a fatal reaction taking one of them in the I know not to. I got a MedicAlert necklace (another very good idea... and not expensive), and I never take it off. That way, I won't get inejcted with things I'm allergic to when unconscious (this has also happened to me at the hands of a paramedic once).
    Please take care!
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    Hi Jillian:
    I too have allergies to penicillin. You described a perfect allergic reaction and should see a doctor at once. Always have Benadryl on hand to hold you over til you get to the ER or doctor, if this happens again!
    People who have allergies to PCN also usually have them to sulfa drugs too, so be careful.
    I'm an RN and have seen lot s of adverse reactions to meds, so be careful! fms people seem to have more than their share of allergic reactions to alot of things, such as chemicals used in cleaning, perfume, etc.
    Another caution that I learned the hard way: I tried tylenol PM's to help with sleep and was on a new antibiotic at the same time. To make a long story short, I was severely allergic to this new antibiotic, and the benadryl in the tylenol pm's masked the signs of allergic reaction. When I got off the ATB's, and quit the pm's, the reaction came on in full force. So be careful of over the counter meds containing benadryl..
    good luck
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    Can kill and you can build up the allergy with each administration of the drug. Make sure you are not allergic before taking anything again. Anytime you experience labored breathing while on a drug is an indicator that shock may ensue; it's a dangerous situation and you should contact the doc immediately. Better safe than dead.

    Love, Mikie