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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by terrifitz, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. terrifitz

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    I will be going on vacation to the French Riviera this summer. No, I am not some rich Hollywood type!!! We live in Germany and rent an apartment for week there. Only $650 for the week. This will be our second year going. ANYWAY!!! I have really been having trouble with my feet, ankles, knees, etc. . I need to find some nice, non-orthopedic looking shoes. I had to wear those throughout most of my childhood and teens. There I go again, getting off the subject... I need something that looks nice with pants and skirts. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. pam_d

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    First off, have a wonderful vacation! Sounds heavenly...

    I have been wearing almost nothing but Born shoes since FM! I have a lot of feet problems, too. They make tons of styles, sandals, too----casual, but there are styles you could definitely wear with a skirt. They are very comfortable. I also own a couple of pairs of Rieker's. They bill themselves as the "anti-stress" shoe. Again, very comfortable for walking, also come in a variety of good-looking styles. Both of these shoes hail from Europe (I'm in the US), so you should easily be able to find them & test a pair out!!

    Good luck, & enjoy your respite, we all deserve a vacation with what we live with every day. Have fun!!

  3. teach6

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    I have had luck with Ecco. They are sized with European sizes, so they must be available there. They come in a variety of styes so you should be able to find one to fit your needs. They are like walking on air!!

  4. LTLadyVols

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    I have had bad feet for years and even had plantar faciatis (sp?) that was horribly painful until I buckled down and bought some Birkenstocks - they actually have some pretty cool looking styles other than those sandals that some folks wear! Black and brown leather ones, red ones, tan, suede. I have a black leather pair that I wear with my work clothes and they look fine. My mom even bought some and she wears them with her Reverend outfit! They were not cheap but have got to be the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned - and I have worn ECCOs and Borns. I will never wear anything but Birkies from here on out!!

    Have fun on vacation! Be safe.
  5. ckball

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    Easy Spirit. I do notbuy anything else. They have cool sandals, dress shoes and tennis. I have always had bad feet and have worn these for years. Sounds like a great trip, hope you are able to enjoy every minute.
  6. paulajo

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    My feet hurt all the time until I met my Clark's. Now that my feet are better I wear other brands now too just not as often as my Clark's.
  7. healing

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    Terri, for more information, use the search function at the top of the page...there was a pretty extensive thread on this a number of weeks ago.

    Have a good trip -
  8. Kelly12

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    Soft spots make a nice looking sandal with a good cushiony sole. They are priced around $40.00. They also make tennis shoes, loafers - all in varying widths. I don't know about dress shoes.

    Have a great trip.

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    My tootsies give 2 big toes up to easy spirits. They are a dream. Have a great trip!
  10. Frackie11382

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    Hey there!

    I have a lot of feet/ankle problems too. I've tried all the really expensive name brands like Nike, Easy Spirit, etc. The shoes that I've found the most comfortable are Skechers, for me at least. They are wonderful tennis shoes! Some of their styles are dressy-ish too, but the tennies are the best! They have the thicker sole with lots of cushioning, a great arch support that doesn't make your feet hurt, and amazing ankle support. For dressier shoes, I go for the Naturalizers. They aren't so tight on your feet that they cut off circulation, but fit nicely. Again, they have wonderful arch supports and cushy soles. The leather ones are also really flexible and soft so no blisters! Hope I helped!

    Friends in Fibro,