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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tamoley, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. tamoley

    tamoley New Member

    Can anyone out there give me some help with your experiance on going to the gym. I have been slowing starting out with one of the local gyms. I have been doing this with the help of a pysiotherapist.

    I find that a about an hour after my very light workout I get this awful burning in my arms and legs, especially my legs. This will stay with me for the whole day but is gone the next morning. I have had no problem with sore muscles.

    I wondered if anyone else out there has had this problem and if it goes away after a few weeks if you stay at it. I do a lot of walking which gives me no problem.

    I also find that after my morning work out my stress levels are through the roof and the littles thing can set me off. I chalk this up to the pain and tiredness.

    Any advice on this would be helpful. I am begining to wonder if it is worth it to keep this up. I am only on my second week but one of lifes little stressers set me off for the whole day yesterday and threw me into a crying mess for the whole day.

    Thanks Chris
  2. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    What exercises do you do at the gym? I work out for an hour also. I was working out for an hour 5 days a week, but have slacked off to 3 days a week starting next week.

    I started out slow too, when I first started I did 20-30 minutes with just walking as tolerated on the treadmill and worked my way up. Then I walked on the treadmill part of the time and then worked with a couple of machines and each day I tried to work with a new machine (do low weight or no weight starting out and work up when you can). I mostly do leg machines and some abdominal machines.


  3. mkiowa

    mkiowa New Member

    I go to "Curves", their machines are all hydraulic. Most of the machines are sit down work-outs. It is the only exercises I have found that not too stressful on my muscles, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel hands. I work out for 30 minutes. I skip the machines I think may be too hard for me that day. It is a place you can be involved with your own training, but assistant is available if needed. And I get alot of support from the others.

    The name Chris is a unisex name, and Curves is for women only. But hydraulic machines is my answer to stress.
  4. tamoley

    tamoley New Member

    I did try curves but after 1 month had to quit as the arm machines were to hard on me as I have calific tendonitis in my shoulders. My Dr. wants me to stay away from the gym and stick with water exerises due to my tendoncy to develope tendonitis. I go to the pool on a reqular basis but I still have a problem with my muscle strength.

    I was really wondering about the burning after working out. This developes within an hour after my workout. No problem with sore muscles however. The burning seems to be more of a nerve pain. I am working with a pysiotherapist to ensure I dont overdue it. There is a pysio clinic in our local rec centre which also includes a gym and pool. I have ask the therapist about the burning but he doesnt seem to know the cause.

    I see my Dr next week so I will ask him. He will probably lecture me about not following his advice but I intend to keep this up anyway as my rheumy said it would be good for me. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has experianced this and if it will go away as my body adjusts to the extra physical atctivity. Sure hope so.

    Thanks for your responses everyone

  5. mariee

    mariee Member

    Hi Chris,
    This is just my experience.
    I get that "nerve-burn" along the top of my thighs when I used an exercise bike at my PT's. It did not go away w. rest and did reoccur when I went back to the bike.
    No one really knew what it was, but did confirm it was related to the exercise.
    Hopefully, someone can help you w. a remedy, but at least you know of someone else w. same exercise related symptom.
    BTW, I have MPS along w. doubly hard to exercise.
    Warm water pools were recommended by dr. rather than machines.
    Good luck
  6. tamoley

    tamoley New Member

    I do 10 mins on the exersise bike and then some leg press's and some arm machines to strenthen my biceps and upper-back. It is my legs that really bother me the most. I also have sacro illiac joint dysfunction, I do some work on a ball to strenghern the core muscles and hopefully take some of the stree off that joint.

    I am a real "b" when I get home, just stressed to the max. Everything sends me off the deep-end. I think I am cranky because of the burning pain in my legs. I am hopeing the pain goes away as my body adjusts to the increase in exercise.

  7. Bet2

    Bet2 New Member

    I too have tried several approaches to excercise and have bought and sold more excercise machines than I care to count.

    I can even overdo it walking to briskly. I still walk but not so fast anymore. The best thing I have done for myself is join the "Y" where the pool is between 87 and 88 deg and swim. I don't do hard swimming either. Mostly on my back and keep all of my limbs moving. I swim like that for about 10 to 15 minuts then go and get the tubes and move some more for about 10 to 15 minutes (depending on how tired I am)

    I have found that works for me. I just started up again and feel tons better already.

    Good luck finding what works for you.

  8. Jeanette62

    Jeanette62 New Member

    Hi Chris,

    I was exercising about 4 days at the gym doing a variety of things. I worked out on the stationary bike for 30 - 40 min and then did most of the weight machines along with Yoga and a Chi Ball low impact aerobics class. I gradually worked up to 35 min on the elliptical and did that instead of the bike. I too had a lot of burning pain in my legs and muscle tightness and I did stretch when I worked out.

    In Oct/Nov I started working with a physical therapist and she had me stop all the weight machines because she said with fibro it was stressing my muscles too much and fatiguing my body. She wanted me to increase the cardio to 5-7 days a week even if it was only a walk, do gently stretching daily and some gently strengthening with exercise bands. It really helped.

    The other thing that happened around that time was my new doctor had run some blood tests for Chlamydia Pheumoniae, checked my ferritin iron levels and thyroid T3 and reverse T3. My thyroid T3 was low and so was my iron. Both of those can cause muscle fatigue and burning muscles. Since I've been on iron supplements a few months now and the T3, the burning is much better. I use to remember thinking that after almost a year of faithfully working out why do my legs burn, hurt and feel so weak when they should be strong by now - it was all the other problems combined that were contributing to this awful feeling. I had taken 1 week off when I got sick and the pain/burning in my legs was so bad it felt like I hadn't worked out in years not just a week.

    Anyway I think the combination of the iron supplements, T3 meds, and eliminating the weight machines has all helped decrease the burning pain and weakness in my legs. btw I also use to get a lot of pain in the upper body as well.

    To me it was worth it to keep up with the exercise because I needed to lose the weight. For me it helps destress me and helps me deal with the emotions of all the illness.

  9. tamoley

    tamoley New Member

    I too am working out with bands and the stationary bike. I have the ball and bands at home as well. My PT has given me a list of exercises to do and hopefully this will help. My problem is I have lost a lot of weight in the last few months for some reason not even my Dr or the specialists can figure out. I think I lost some muscle as well as I seem to be very weak since.

    I am staying away from the weights. My PT says they are not good for FM and I can build strength using the bands. He has also given me some stretching excercises using the ball. He told me today to stick with the program I am doing now, which is very light, until my body adjusts and the burning should stop. I hope he is right as this is driving me crazy.

    Thanks again for your responses. It is all very helpfull.

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