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    I recently went to a Natural Healing Clinic in which she put me on a whack of herbs/supplements. These are the ones I am supposed to take: Master Formula (dietary supplement), it is a green powder that is to be mixed with juice to make a disgusting looking green drink that I almost gag when I drink; also Aspartic-Multi-Min (another dietary supplement), Evening Primrose Oil, B12 spray, and some fungal cleansing formula. I am skeptical about herbs anyway but if anybody has had success with any of these, I will definitely persevere. The diet I am supposed to follow includes NO breads, NO pasta, NO red meat, NO white flour, NO sugar, NO white rice, NO pork, sausage, ham, NO dairy products, NO coffee or tea, NO mushrooms, NO fermented foods such as pickles, vinegar,commercial salad dressings and only one/fruit per day. What else is left for me to eat??? I guess, chicken, fish, vegetables and eggs. This is to cleanse the fungus from my body.

    Any advice on herbs and diet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Kiwi1

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    I was put on a very similar diet a couple of months ago along with a detoxifying powder that turned to sludge when mixed with water.

    All I can say is that within two days I began to get more clearer headed than I had been in a year.and have remained so. it is tough to figure out what to eat as the choises are so limited but after a few more days all the sugar and carb cravings went way and veggies and chicken were about all i ate. now I can eat eggs and a few more fruits and veggies.

    Along with all that I began to drink lots of water...and now every day drink at least 72 ounces. I never in my life thought that'd be possible, and now it's not too difficult at all. I did buy a Britta water purifier to be sure my water was as healthy as possible too.

    When I went back after 8 weeks or so I was told to start to retry foods very carefully with three days between each new try....but no wheat nd no dairy at all. Well last week i really wanted to eat bread and did eat a piece.....within 15 minutes I had a terrific headache and will not do that again.

    It is worth it and you will see results.....GOOD LUCK!!
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    I am on a similar diet and am also taking things to cleanse fungus/mold from my body. Years ago, I found out I was allergic to dairy and had a candida problem, and treating these things helped my energy immensely.
    I'm four days into the program now. I'm eating lots of veggies, some chicken, fish, eggs, a little fruit. It does seem very restrictive, but I want to give it a shot. The fungus problem does explain a lot of the symptoms I've had over the years: fungus on the toenails, itchy nostrils and other areas (don't mean to be gross!), thick head, fatigue, etc...
    It's definitely worth a try.
    Good luck to both of us! :)
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    Just wondering if you could give me some meal suggestions with this restricted diet. Such as what do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks. kiwi1