Advice on "Select Comfort" alternative mattresses?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SFJohnny, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. SFJohnny

    SFJohnny New Member

    I'm in the market for a Select Comfort type mattress. But YIKE$$$!!!

    There are other "knock-offs" out there and I've been doing some web-searching. But I can't find any reviews or opinions (as in about them.

    Have any of you gotten these type mattresses but NOT a Select Comfort? Can/will you share the brand name with me (and others) and your basic opinion of yours?

    I really DO like the Select Comfort, but $3,000? Whoa. Just so much money and I'm fixed on SS --

    I've tried soooo many mattresses and these air-type mattresses are the only ones I've found that don't put up too much of a fight against my painful hip (being a side sleeper).

    And ... having adjustable firmness/softness seems like a pretty cool idea ... you can have a different mattress every night if you desire.

    Recommendations? Thoughts to share? Where did you get yours? Brand names? I know most of the alternatives are sold online and not in stores.

    So any help, please -- it's time to move from my recliner and/or sofa to a "real bed!"

    Thanks & Happy New Year to Y'all.

    Johnny B.
  2. PHR

    PHR New Member

    I have a select comfort mattress and I love it! Hate it get out of it in the morn to go to work!! I do not know anything about the knock-offs. Actually mine is from Direct Comfort... costs $1800.00 for a queen online.

    I wrote you a question a few days ago concerning your MS and how they finally diagnosed you, what tests, etc. I am going thru this , have done the brain MRI, they say no MS, but I still say I am having the symptoms. Please help!!!

  3. ouchiered

    ouchiered New Member

    Hi Johnny B.

    Have not tried the others because we have had such good luck with Select Comfort. Back when we first got one you could try it out for 90 days! And get your money back if you didn't like it. Now they let you test drive it for 30 days. Do the other companies do that??

    We also got one for our camper. Plus we've even taken our king top and motor on trips when we have to stay in hotels.

    I'm sure the other makes are fine just look into their warranty and trial time.

    My daughter & new husband just got one & they love it. She trains horses so it is very important for her back.

    Too me, if ya got it, it's worth the money.

    Best of luck & Happy New Year. GG
  4. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    please, please check out heavenlyfoam on the internet. They have an online store and also sell out of ebay.

    We purchased a select comfort sleep number bed 3yrs ago. We had to go with the middle of the road because we certainly could not afford a top of the line. I hated it!!!
    It did not have enough padding and it truly felt if I was sleeping on an air mattress.

    My hubby loved sleep number bed- he does not have fibro and is not as sensitive as we are. we sent the mattress back! We have gone through 6 beds since then. Springair, simmons, Kingkoil you name it- thank goodness our kids all needed beds.

    I happened to run across heavenlyfoam on ebay and started looking into the bed. Their top of the line king size select comfort knock off is $1299.00. My friends who could afford the top of the line select comforts loved theirs so we decieded to give heavenlyfoam top of the bed a try!

    Johnny, I have found my dream bed!! the Heavenlyfoam 90 is so encased in wonderful foam that you can not feel the air matresses! It truly is the best bed I have ever slept on.

    The manager their is Will he is a really nice christian man. This company has been a dream to deal with. Bed arrived in less than a week and the quality was every bit as good or better then that Sleep number bed that we sent back.

    Tell Will that Judy Whitman reffered you! I get nothing out of this- I just want to share this wonderful bed and great customer service with you.

    We did not get the boxspring as we already had one. But their guarentee (90 days)which is every bit as good as sleepnumber does not depend on getting their box spring as does the select comfort sleep number bed.

    Let me know Johnny! we sure found a winner- go to their ebay store and read all of their excelent feedback.
    one more thing- there dual pump control does not have numbers on it. As Will explained this is a gimmick and not needed- which we have found to be true. We just set it and sleep and sleep. Also the pump on this bed is much quiter than select comforts.
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  5. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    Thanks for the info Judy!!! I'm checking out the ebay store now. I too am in the market for a bed, but cannot afford the select comfort. This is a great alternative!! Thanks again!
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I came very close to buying a Select Comfort bed until I read about an issue with mold in the air chambers.

    My husband is asthmatic, and I could not take the chance of paying that much money and having him sick.

    The sales person told me I could always open up the mattress and clean the air chambers. I don't have the energy to be opening up a king size mattress and washing it with bleach water.

    If you do a web search you will find articles where their stock dropped 22 points back in Aug 2004 due to this issue. I believe they may have recovered now?

    It might be a minor issue, but these mattresses are very pricy.
  7. Dee33K

    Dee33K New Member

    We ordered one for Christmas- I cannot sleep on it. set off every trigger in my body!

    I am now sleeping upstairs on my daughters water bed again. I guess I'll order another of those. My mattress was breaking down. Although I had loved it for 3 previous years.

    I am interested in Judy's bed but afraid of ordering another that I cannot sleep on.

  8. SFJohnny

    SFJohnny New Member

    "They" have not yet determined that I have MS at this juncture in the byzantine referral system, lost MRI films and readings of such, etc.

    I have found a good neurologist and he's "somewhat" concerned that this might be the case. I'm supposed to schedule myself a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and I am so excited about that I'm trying to get a post-spinal-tap-party together. Ugh.

    Meanwhile, I've had it with my all too self-important pain management doctor so I'm also in the process of changing docs for pain management. I was given a "red flag" yesterday by current pain doc -- actually by one of his "trainees" - you never actually see the "Director Doc!" But any time you're a "Bad Patient" you get a red flag and if you get ten of them, you get kicked out of HIS clinic. What a pompous doo-doo head. I feel like I'm in third grade.

    There's a point here, though. The new pain doc I'm seeing next week -- and will probably sign on with -- is tight with the neurologist I'm seeing. So actually in this screwed up world of this DD and various docs involved there's actually a CHANCE that these docs will confer about this here patient ... ME!

    So, no definite diagnosis of MS, which has me pretty worried and biting nails ... but ... problem is that my left side -- primarily left leg (hip on down) hurts like hell and will oftentimes "give out" when I get up from sitting and I will "collapse" -- which makes a big scene at a restaurant but hey, I'm not staying home. And there are increasing incidents of double vision and that freaks me out.

    So the neurologist wants to get on this right away -- as "getting it early" is imperative and all. So while the file clerks at the hospital search for my films and readings, I'm going ahead with the spinal tap. The docs involved know I'm a wimp, so they give me a good IV injection of knock-out drugs ... not so much for my comfort but more because they only allot so much time per patient and a whimpering patient flopping about hinders progress. I used to be a nurse, and fyi to anyone out there in pain, remember this: The squeaky wheel gets oiled. So if you're hurting, scream bloody murder and you'll get "the good stuff."

    In short, I guess it's gunna be a few more weeks until "they" can put heads together to see what's going on -- as in "Is it MS?" If not, then what is it?

    Wish I could chat personally with you, but don't know how we could do that. I'd be glad to share this showdown at the MD Corral and probably I'll just post the blow by blow procedures, tests, evals and such as well as the diagnosis.

    I know that if it IS MS that my life will have to change in bigger ways than it has already. Even my primary care physician -- who thinks that fibro is something "hysterical middle aged women going through menopause think they have" -- and is convinced I'm a terminal hypochondriac -- is giving some serious thought to the symptoms I am presenting.

    Man I hope it is NOT MS, but if it is, then let's get this MS treatment rodeo going before it gets any worse.

    Now what does this have to do with my bed/mattress issue? Well, everything actually, as I spend a whole lot of time in recliner, on sofa, so I got a great bed and with right mattress and assembly of pillows and such -- will be my "center" -- like having one side for propping self up to watch TV, read, write and such -- and the other side the soft and comfy side I can simply roll over onto after my Klonopin and Ambien and doze off.

    Hmmm ... makes me sound like Marlon Brando or something, but I actually do swim, walk and such. I just have a tiny apartment and had to forego the sofa and recliner for the nice big sleigh bed.

    And hey, my Catso is going to be in heaven having so much space to lounge about in and on!

    Sorry to be all over the place, but it's kind of a turning point here in many respects.

    Peace, Love & Happiness to all in the New Year.

    Johnny B.
  9. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    She does not have fibro, and certainly has enough money to buy what she want. Seriously, no jealousy there.... she takes good care of me.

    The major thing to me is that "she does not have fibro". She swears by it, but for a normie it might be o.k., for us.... not sure.

    I bought a generic memory foam put it under my feather bed topper and that seems to work well for me... except when I've been in one spot too long and can't get out of bed. LOL Trust me, that's a sight.
  10. ROBIN4701

    ROBIN4701 New Member

    bump for johnny b
  11. ROBIN4701

    ROBIN4701 New Member

    got my select comfort on qvc about 3 years ago and we love it king size and it cost 1500 with 5 payments of 300 something
    they have new ones and are even less
    at first my husband thought the mattress needed more pading we did not get pillow top
    we also have queen areo bed in quest room and i sleep good on both the areo bed does move when you toss and turn where the select does not
    i don't feel my hubby get up in the am and he doesn't feel me tossing and turning although he does hear me cursing and cursing from the pain
    good luck on your decision
    :>) robin
  12. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    wow, wrote that book about the knock off select comfort and not even an acknowledgement.

    Well, its a great bed and I am really enjoying it.
  13. SFJohnny

    SFJohnny New Member

    Sorry to have not acknowledged your book!

    I definitely plan to check with that nice fella (Will) and feel so comfortable knowing that he's a man of faith as well. I'll definitely tell him that you referred me, OK? Knowing that he's a Christian makes me very comfortable that he truly believes that he is making those in pain suffer less.

    I got sidetracked by a segue into the MS deal.

    I DO appreciate your information and the time you spent writing your book. The best info I have found to date, and I DO plan to seek him out.

    The fact that yours was so encased in FOAM was the kicker for me, as I've been looking into latex foam mattresses ... but you get a mattress and you get a mattress. I love the foam. BUT ... to have a bunch of foam AS WELL as an adjustable firmness (in my case "softness"!) is a cherry on the sundae. So what you've provided may well be -- as in your case -- the bed of my DREAMS!!!

    Been a busy day and time for a nap -- so will probably wake up, be up late, and have time to research the website and more than likely drop him a message if that's an option on the website.

    So please take no offense as to my failure to acknowledge your work there, my friend. Just that my afternoon was interrupted by a trip through the current California Monsoons to get to my pain management clinic for refills ... lest it be a very painful-with-no-help weekend and a heck of way to see in the new year!

    Peace, Love & Happiness in the New Year.

    God Bless You & Yours,
    Johnny B. & His Catso

    (Catso will definitely love a queen-sized bed to spread out upon!)
  14. MaryCecelia

    MaryCecelia New Member

    I'm so glad this topic was posted, as I am also in urgent need of a mattress. My chiro. recommended Select Comfort because he has had one for 12 yrs. & loves it. My fibro dr. just said to make sure I get air & not springs & coils. I've researched past posts here, epinions, & all over the net and just ended up more confused than ever! I had decided on Select Comfort but then I read about the mold issues & how their stock dropped because of it, so I'm not so sure. I may go with the Heavenly Foam that Judy suggested here. I just don't know. . .
  15. Tawra

    Tawra New Member

    Hubby and I bought the same one Robin did off QVC 3 years ago. We thought we would "invest" in a good bed and that would help my fibro. Well for 3 or 4 months I tolerated it and then I was sleeping on our $20 couch. I moved back into the bed for a few months and then last Jan. I moved back onto our $20 couch and won't go back. Now the couch sits next to the bed because I refuse to sleep in it but hubby would at least like me sleeping in the same room as him. :)

    I personally think it was a total waste but hubby who doesn't have FM aboslutly loves it and won't get rid of it. I had thought about trying a Cuddle Ewe underquilt if we ever get enough $ saved up.

    I think with this one it's either you love it or hate.
  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    has anyone reacted to the new foam? Does anyone know how long it would take to "gas-out"? We're in the market for a new bed soon, been hesitant about the foam, not to mention the select-comfort type.

    A long time ago I had one of the first thick air mattresses, cost $200 in 1974!!!! BUT it was the most comfortable thing I ever slept on, unless my dog (heavier than me!) snuck up on it with me. . .

  17. PHR

    PHR New Member

    I really appreciate the info on what you are going thru on the MS. I will also let you know how it's going for me.

    I hope you have found the bed you need. Seems as if everyone is referring to the number bed, but I have a bed from direct comfort...same idea I guess, but mine has a foam cover with a lamb's wool cover over that. I have not found very many people with that bed.

    Good blessings to you!
  18. ROBIN4701

    ROBIN4701 New Member

    hi i too had some nights where i felt the padding was too little i added an eggcrate $20.00 and whalla it feels great
    sorry you are sleeping on a sofa .
    are you sleeping on foam? maybe get a twin heavenly foam and place it on your bed then you and husband can bunk together
    ps put your # to zero or 10 hope you got a king or queen size don't know if it will work for full
    hope you have a peaceful night
    :>) robin
  19. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    but, I am so excited about this product that I wanted you to respond!!! I totally understand about getting side tracked that is why when I write something it is a major accompllishment for me. I have problems in concentration.

    as for the gasses in the foam. It did take me a while to get the smell out. The foam is encased in a pretty thick ticking so you are not in contact with the memory foam.

    I have found that this is a warmer bed than I am used to. But we truly have found the bed of our dreams.
    the bottom of the line select comfort is just a piece of junk in my opinion.
    please let us know what you deciede Johnny.

    btw, I did have a leak in my mattress- called heavenlyfoam and another mattress was on my door step in 1wk. Postage paid fed-ex send back. It does not get much better than that.
  20. victoria

    victoria New Member

    thanks. . .