Advice Please - Pain in Back/Side

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kazah, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    hey everyone

    I'm feeling really bad today so excuse mistakes!

    I've had a terrible pain in my back and sides for five years now. It feel like it not my back - it seems to be inbetween my back and my stomach. It goes from there right down to my groin and up to my sholders on both sides, numbness, burning, stabbing pain.

    I went to the docs today cos it's driving me nuts. He tested for urine infection and that was ruled out. Inspite of me telling him that I'd been to the docs four years ao about it, been to the physio, doen all the excersises, do all the right things in terms of posture and movement he told me to go away for two weeks and take pain killers and do the excersises.

    I kept trying to say that it doesn't feel like my back muscles, I've pulled back muscles before and it doesn't hurt in that way.

    does anyone have any ideas on what this might be and what i can do to make this better? It's really driving me crazy and just being sent away again to take pain killer that don't work has made me feel even worse. I've been in a flare for about a month now and have had to take time off work. this has just added to my misery.

    I just want to be able to get rid of one of my pains I feel like if i can't feel better soon it's not worth trying to go on.

    any advice greatly welcome - i know that even though no one else understands you guys do. Thankyou for being here.
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  2. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    anyone any ideas??

    I know it's probably 'just' FM but anyone found another reason for this pain - it must leave me! It's making me hate life!

  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Could it be anything female organ related?
    Have you consulted with a Gyno?

    It sounds almost like it could be your ovaries.
    (just a guess)
    Because sometimes I get pain kinda like you've described and I have a Endometriosis.
    Which effects alot of my pelvic organs and causes alot of pain.
    I've often wondered,... when my hits me, if its the pancreas? (pancreatitis?)
    Do you have any problems with your bowels when this pain hits? (diareah,constipation,etc.)

    I hope you'll maybe look into both these conditions and see if they match any of your symptoms.

    Just trying to help with ideas.
    I know how frustrating it is to have un-explained pains.
    It worrisome to say the least~
    Best of luck.
    I'll check in again later today.
    Take care & feel better
  4. Kazah

    Kazah New Member


    thankyou for replying! This is a really good idea as my mother had endometriosis and had to have a full hystorectomy at 30. I belive it can be hereditary?

    Does the pain really go that high up though? My period cramps tend to be lower back going up rather that mid back going down.

    I will definitley suggest this next time I go - Thankyou for your help!

    take care

  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Oh yes,..Mine can be that high up.
    My stomach pain is literally from my lower ribs to my groin,and all in between. My whole backside will hurt bad too. Its horrible.
    sometimes even my tailbone area will hurt just as bad as my back.
    Even slightly letting my tummy hit the edge of the counter when I do dishes is painful.
    My pain is before,during and after my periods.
    So for like 12 days a month its like that.
    I never had heavy flow. Just unbearable pain.
    Much in the groin area and into my legs too.
    My legs would just ache like I ran a marathon.

    Was your Moms Endo cured by having a complete Hysto?
    They recommended I have one too but I have'nt agreed yet.
    Because after much research I've heard that its not always succesful. Especially if its on organs other than whats removed.
    I have it all over. Meaning: my female organs,kidney,ureters,colon and spine ligaments.

    Hope this helps some :)
    sorry so long~
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    back up top
  7. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    that is really interesting - i din't realise it could cause such widespread pain.

    My mum was terrible for many years - huge bruises on her stomach when the endo was beelding indside her. it definitley helped her but the only downside was that because she had her ovaries removed she had to go on HRT from 30 years old and long term use can give you problems. she's now just turned 50 and the dr's pulling the HRT. she has got old looking really quick. I've recommended soya and linseeds to her to keep up her eostrogen levels (she's veggie anyway so gets these things from day to day food)

    She says it was the best thing she did inspite of missing out on having more children and reduced her pain greatly. She still has the odd lump but nothing like it used to be.

    Might be worth serious consideration?

    hope you find an answer - i'll speak to the nurse about this when i go for a check up next week.

    Thanks for your help

  8. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    I've had kidney stones that shoot pain to my groin, and across my abdomen, but not numbness going upward.

    I would (if you haven't already)get the kidneys checked.

    Best of luck, Joann
  9. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    do you have chronic myofascial pain? when your back pulls it pulls the muscles in front one of the things you can try is sit in a chair spread your legs and lean forward so your hand are close to the ground and hold it for like 10 min i dont know how bad you are i cant hold it that long anymore so maybe you can do it as long as you can it releases something though ive had this for years good luck charlene
  10. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    It could be a set of trigger points setting each other off. I have the same problem in the same areas, and there's a trigger point near the side of my waist that when I press it, it refers pain to the area you are describing. If you haven't already done so, get a copy of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies, NCTMB.

    It details where all the trigger points are and where they refer pain. It also shows you how to work the trigger points with a tennis ball.

    Once you know where your trigger points are, you can also have a physical therapist massage them and give you stretching exercizes for them. You can also have these trigger points injected by your doc (make sure they know what they are doing first).

    Best of luck...

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