Advice Please! Seeing SS Disability Doc Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by UmiBear, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Hi gang. I filed for SS Disability about a 2 months ago. This site was VERY helpful and put me on the right track. THANKS! Now I need help again. SS has scheduled a MENTAL HEALTH exam for me (it's tomorrow)! When I spoke to the lady at SS who is assigned to my case, she said the exam was to test my memory. Then when I got the letter it said it was a physchological exam. For you Texans, it's with Dr. Fred "Ted" Hill, PhD, in Austin. Anyway, I called the SS lady back and asked her which it really was and she was very vague. I asked her how long the exam would take, and if it would be just talking to Dr. Hill or if it would be testing, on a computer or on paper. She said "Uh, don't know how they do it." Mmmmmm. I'm beginning to wonder what this exam is all about. I know some of you have been to SS Disability exams before, and so I'm asking if you have any insight. When I filed I said it was for Fibromyalgia. When they asked me to list symptoms, I listed all of them, from urinary frequency, to chest pain, to depression to brain fog. Comments, anyone? I'll post how the exam went tomorrow. Thanks guys and gals! And if any of you Texans out there have been seen Dr. Fred Hill, let me know what you think. I've never been to a physichiatrist before (I can't even spell it!)
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    Don't drive yourself to the appt if you can help it. They ask you that question. I had to drive myself because no one was available to take me and it was only 3 miles but I think they want you to be an invalid.

    There's no telling what kind of exam you'll be given. All the Soc Security doctors seem to have different points of view. I've been to two. They are just there to do one little appointment and it's over before you get your bearings on how to read the person if you're not in a fog and what to say.

    Come back and tell us what he asked and did and how you feel about it. The psychiatrist part of their requirement is just to see if whatever is wrong with you has given you some sort of "mental impairment."

    Unless you have an awful lot of backup medical evidence I really don't think these exams lend a lot of weight to your case because these doctors ARE paid by Social Security so they not going to "for" you.

    My next step is to go before an Administrative Law Judge and I am told that takes a year or more to get the appointment and if you get a negative judge then you have to appeal again? I'll be so old by the time this all happens - :(

    Try not to worry but do let us know how it went, okay? We all care, a lot.

    Spanaway, WA
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    Thanks Pam! I was wondering about the driving thing. I had to laugh about how they sent you to a doc only 3 mile away. The doc I'm seeing is only 5 miles away! Mmmm. Do you think they do that on purpose? Going before the judge sounds tough. I'll be rooting for you. Thanks again for the feedback. Umi
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    Umi, be sure to see my post on the latest info on disability process. Let us know how it goes. LOL