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    I am new to the boards and have recently been referred to a rheumatologist as they think I have arthtitis but all my blood tests came back negative.

    I have constant pain which diclofenic with codeine does not touch and the GP has injected a steriod into me which has had little effect. She has advised me to wear splints which help as they keep my joints warm but I look daft as I have pain in both ankles, kness, wrists and elbows and recently my neck has started to become painful I have had pain in my knees and ankles for a while but over the last month the pain has come on suddenly.

    When describing the pain is difficult as it feesl very warm and tingly/numb if that makes sense and all i want to do is try and crack my joints back into place but cant.:(

    Has anyone any tips or had similar problems ??
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    That type of pain sounds almost neurologic. I have pain like fire in my back and then under one foot I get the feeling of vibration and the neurologist told me that is nerve damage (I do have back damage and have had several falls).