ADVICE...possible seizures but not sure..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by piebear, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Over the past few weeks I have developed a new symptom. It started all of a sudden one day after getting very, very upset. Since then it happens only if I get exceptionally upset or am exposed to too much noise for an extended period of time.(I posted recently about the apartment I live in being exceptionally noisy with paper thin walls, and how I'm trying to move but can't until at least April). Also there were a few times it happened after I had a laughing fit and after having sex.

    Anyway this is what happens during an episode. Something snaps in my brain after the initial upset, and my entire body loses control and starts to twitch and jerk badly. And sometimes I will slur my words a little, other times no. And usually noise will make it worse or if I get upset again, stay upset or if I continue to have a laughing fit.

    Now usually it goes away after an hour but last night it lasted for about 6+ hours. (I should mention though that it isn't constant. It does stop for a minute or two before starting up again so I do get real brief breaks, but I do shake for about a few minutes before I get a break.)
    Anyway, I was no longer upset and the noise wasn't as bad either but it still kept going. I finally got it to stop after trying magnesium, alcohol and valerian. Not sure which did it. But as the night went on the symptoms did seem to subside ever so slowly.

    And another thing, last night was the worst it has ever been. The jerking and twitching were more violent than they used to be and at one point I seized bad enough to make my words slur more than usual. That and I almost lost consciousness this time. But just for a minute. The rest of the time I was very much conscious although I found it hard to talk every time I spasmed.

    Anyway other than a very tired and sore body I seem to be better today although my nerves are still a little sensitive. When I hear a loud noise I spasm just a little bit and then it stops.

    So advice on what could be happening and what I can do to stop it cause it seems to be getting worse.
    I can't see a doctor cause I have no insurance.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi piebear,

    I have had similar episodes. It is very frightening. And I think that the fear/stress can contribute to the problem.

    I have seen 6 neurologists in an effort to find out what was happening to me. Unfortunately, not one of the doctors had any idea what was causing the problem.

    I still am not sure what was happening. I have read that demylinization may be causing the uncontrollable muscle activity (like in MS). I have read that there maybe a adrenalin/epinepherine tolerance problem that contributes to extreme overexcitement. I have also read that a mineral imbalance may be part of the problem.

    Magnesium is the thing that helps keep me under control.

    I take liquid magnesium because it is absorbed much faster. I only take magnesium, not mag/calcium blend. I take the calcium seperately at a different time.
  3. nightngale

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    That does sound like some kind of seizure and if I were you I would run to the nearest county hospital, some hospitals have to take you with or without insurance. You should have called 911 that sounds awful! I am no expert on seizures, but pleae don't fool around with your life. Those are very wacky symptoms. Were you alone? There may be a clinic that will let you make payments. or Something!

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