advice re blood pressure drug calcium levels please

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    my dr is wanting to try a drug for me that is used for lowering blood pressure in a tiny dose to try to open up the blood vessels in my brain.

    i.m sorry i don.t have the name of it but wondered if anyone knew of this method and if anyone had tried this before and what the results or advisability of this type of treatment are

    my blood pressure is low and i.m not sure about this although he assures me that it will be a tiny dose to start with should i agree to try it

    i.m not really sure or knowledgeable about how calcium is involved with blood pressure so any advise would be greatly appreciated

  2. MIssAutumn

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    I'm adding to glenp's post. find out the name of the drug and do a search. I also learned the hard way with myself and family members when a doctor says "this might help" usually means major problems. Most doctor have to guess at something that isn't in the norm. If your BP is low why in the world would you use something that would lower it. With FM/CF Lyme and and other immune disorders we do not process medications like most people.
    Calcium plays a role in mediating the constriction and relaxation of blood vessels, Dr's do use a calcium channel blocker, I think, when there is a build up of plaque or calcium in the arteries that is causing high blood pressure.
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    If you don't mind my asking, since your blood pressure is already low, why does he want to open the blood vessels in your brain? Is he trying to control migraines or is there some other problem?

    Regardless, if the drug is going to alter calcium levels then it sounds like it could be a calcium channel blocker. What I think about this class of drugs depends on why it is being taken.