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    I have started seeing a new Psychologist and I had to get blood work done for the new medicine Im on. Well I had a appointment with my Psychologist to review the blood work and he also drug tested me. I smoke pot once in awhile and I told him this when I started seeing him. Does he have the right to drug test me with out asking me for permission?
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    Welcome to the board.

    A psychologist is not a medical doctor. I never heard of one doing drug testing.
    What did he do? Take a sample to send to a lab?

    If you provided a sample, I suppose that would be considered at least implied

    At any rate it sounds like you have lost confidence in this therapist. Might be a
    good idea to look for another one, don't you think.

    I've seen various therapists for decades. Most of them were very helpful, but
    I had two that were toxic and I found someone else once I made that discovery.

    Good luck
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    Prohealth is a great site and it doesn't provide any doctors or lawyers here to provide answers to our questions. If you want a legal opinion, you should probably get an appointment with an attorney for specific information for your state and your situation.

    As a lay person, I personally believe you consented to whatever drug test by actually taking the test instead of refusing to take it. Are you sure this was not a Psychiatrist? If you refused to take it, then you would have denied your permission and the test would not have been done. Had you refused the test, the doctor may have decided not to have you as a patient too. Sometimes pot is a lead-in drug to other drugs and doctors have concern over that too. Is there something you wanted to hide? If so, then you say NO when they want you to take a drug test.

    I'm glad you told the doctor you do pot at times and Doctors may drug test to confirm the drug information from you. Drugs can cause adverse problems with medications that doctors may decide to give you as treatment.
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    He is in Psychiatry. On his card it says Certified in General, Geriatric, Addiction, and Forensic Psychiatry. I didi even sign anything at the hospital just to register. He just sent me to get blood work done to check the level of my medicine he put me on. So it was wrong of him to drug test me?
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    I don't know what you are looking for from us and what further we can add. None of us know what the Psychiatrist actually said to you. At this point, you should be taking all of this to your Psychiatrist and talking to him and asking him all the questions you have. He will have questions for you too and can answer your questions fully.
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    If he isn't a psychologist, then he can prescribe medicines. I would say he could do blood tests to see if you are actually taking the meds that he prescribed for you, or if you are not. He may be drug testing if what he gave you may interact with other drugs.

    Maybe this will be a good reason to quit the pot ... which is still illegal!!!!

    However, as previously said ... nobody here is a lawyer to tell you what he is legalled allowed to do or not to do!!!