aflatoxin food poisoning....only read if need .another worry

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    Natural aflatoxins are an extremely potent cause of liver cancer. It was discovered when all 20,000 salmon died of liver cancer at a fish farm. Also, when 100,000 turkeys died in 1960. Hmmmm.
    It is created by a fungus that grows well on corn, fishmeal, peanuts, etc. Or, on most anything (including dog food) in the right conditions.

    Grain is routinely screened for unacceptable levels, but fortunately (?!) none of the grain has to be thrown away
    if contaminated. It is merely diluted with clean grain until level meets legal requirements.

    The fungus is florescent and detectable under UV light and should be easy to discover in kitchen or refrigerator.
    (I thought about cornering the market in UV lights and then making a fortune by causing a panic) Unfortunately, grease tends to glow in UV black light, and what I thought was a clean kitchen looked really gross under black light.

    Anyway, using a black light in kitchen can be really educational (and fun, if at someone else's house). Cheers, Mr Bill
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    So are you saying that infected peanut butter will glow in the dark if exposed to a black light? Would it glow if not infected because of the peanut oil in the product?
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    Hunhh, I didn't know that peanut oil floresces. I was thinking of raw peanuts(maybe they floresce also?). The processing (and cooking?)in making peanut butter probably would decreases aflatoxins.
    Good question. I guess best way would be to do actual experiments, though I'm not sure where to get contaminated peanut butter. Actually, most of what I know about aflatoxins just comes from books and internet. Maybe I can find something on internet. cheers, mr Bill

    PS I wonder how you found out that peanut oil floresces.[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2007]