Afraid of becoming more Housebound and Bedridden

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I have been housebound and in bed this is my fourth week..I have had a bronchitis along with the dd...The longer I am sick the weaker I get and it scares me to think that one day I may become even more housebound and bedridden..

    So I think do I just continue to rest or do I push and try to find strength..Guess what I am saying is can you stay in bed to long?

    Of course the depression is playing a big role in this and I am hoping its because I have had the bronchitis and some family stresses that has kept me sick for so long..Usual it runs its course in 2 to 3 weeks but haven't had one this bad..

    I guess you could call me mostly housebound anyway but I hate the thought of being bed ridden..

    Just venting, thanks..
  2. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    I am so sorry you havent been feeling well. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. I know it must be a very scary feeling.

    You are right it can be very depressing also, but you know you have your friends here.

    I think if you listen to your body and do what it says that you will be up and going again. You sound like you feel guilty about having to lay there but you really shouldnt.

    Please take care of yourself
    Love Brenda

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I too have become more housebound now then I every have..

    Mostly to do with FMS/CFS but also alot to do with Depression and Anxiety.

    I had a really bad sinus infection and cold a while back. It took me the longest time to start feeling a little better from it, I was taking Anitbiotics also which was makeing me feel worse...So I was pretty much bedridden for several weeks. I think my body is still trying to recover.

    I think when we have something else come up like your Bronchitis its just a double whammy on our bodies. Which in turn makes us more depressed because we are even more tired/fatigued and have to stay in bed.

    I think it just takes us longer to recover from any added infections or illness.

    I hope you will get to feeling better soon, but dont be to hard on yourself. Let your body get that extra needed rest. Dont push yourself/body!! Just hang in there...when you recover from the bronchitis you will be feeling a little better!!

  4. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    I wish I could give you a big hug!!

    What a spot to be in.

    It is true one can stay in bed too long.

    That makes a person weaker after a certain point. The muscles waste away and it is hard on the lungs.

    I hope you can try and take some small steps just a bit at a time. Try and spend even a small part of your day out of bed.

    I am one to give advice, I have had a bad two weeks and have almost shut down.

    I can't seem to find my get up and go, it has got up and gone.

    I am trying to talk myself into getting back into some kind of exercise routine, [haven't managed yet].If you will, I will, at least we can try.

    I will soon join you in being a greatgran, any day now.

    They already know that the baby is a girl. She will be named Haley.
    Love to you.from Denamay

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  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    For helping me realize I am not alone in this..It is scary and I do feel so guilty for being in bed so much..One reason I stay in bed its the only place I can get comfortable..I told my husband we were going to have to invest in different furniture..

    I think there are times I push and do when I am not able and is one reason I never seem to feel well..

    Then I read of those of you who are able to go, travel and work and I think I am just being lazy..Then the age issue is another thing, the older I get the worse I seem to be..

    Congradulations on the great grandaughter.
    They are precious I have two great grans just hate I don't feel up to being with them like I want too.Liah is 3 and Paris was 1 yesterday and I couldn't even make it to her birthday party..

    Guess I will just putter about and rest lots till I get over the bronchitis..I stopped taking my antibodic which may be a mistake but it didn't seem helping that much..

    Thanks to each of you for being here for me....
  6. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Dear Greatgran:

    Hon I am so sorry you are feeling so miserable. We have all been there, were we seem to be bedridden for a week or more. However, you will get better. I understand what you mean about the depression. Depression does make us not want to do anything but we have to try.

    Try just moving around the house, sit on the sofa instead of bed, listen to some music, watch a funny video. Look for things that can help you feel more alive, things you like. Do you knit?

    When I get life that these are the things I do to get me out of that rut. You will not be bedridden greatgran as long as you have the strength to get up and around.

    I will be praying for you and I hope you start to feel much better very soon.

    Let us know how you are doing.

    Soft hugs,


    GREYBEAR New Member

    hello greatgran,
    you have been given some very compassionate advise,which is a blessing from the lord.for he loves you very much and he does speak to you with that love and compassion through you are never alone. he says in the bible that he will never leave you or forsake you even when many others have. so please dont worry about tomorrow for today has enough problems of it's own. have hope and trust in god the one who created you and try to find peace in whatever situation, knowing he can change things in the blink of the eye.
    please read my messages on the board for medical help ! i'll be prayingh about the bronchitis. may god grant you hope this day and always'
  8. auntcon

    auntcon New Member

    today I got a shower....
    I've been so weak this week.
    in fact for 2 weeks I've been so tired.
    Not in pain just weak.

    One of the hardest things for me is to give myself permission to be ill

    I can hear my dad that voice in my brain saying "why aren't you doing anything??? Can't you find something to do???"
    I didn't even feel like reading or watching tv.

    but it ended and today i feel better.

    give yourself permission to be where you are at!
    it's hard enough just living with these dd without the mental anxiety we give ourselves

    hang in there

  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    How do I find your message for medical help...Thank you for such a comfoting reply..

    Thanks, auntcon I certainly hope you get to feeling a little stronger.

    I felt some better today and tried to do a couple much needed errands took about an hour and now I am wiped out again...

    So back to resting I go...

    Thanks and God Bless

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