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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I know this is a silly question? butis anyone else afraid to go to the doctor. I only go for a yearly check-up and I don't want to go,the last two times I went I have panic attacks and then of course my B.P. is high and then they want to put me on meds but I have a B.P. tester at home and its always fine I also test them at stores and its o.k. I always feel worse for a few days after I go. I"ve had so many reactions to meds i'm scared to death to take them.does anybody else feel this way. Sixtyslady
  2. Josie39

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    Hi Lady!

    This is called "White Coat Syndrome"
    I also get it! ((((yikes!))))

    Josie39 :eek:)
  3. lenaw70

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    I clam up at the doctor in fear they wont CARE about what is bothering me.

    But as far as meds...TERRIFIED to take them. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them and have really really really bad side effects. I now get very worried when one of my family takes a new med. I have to go research it first and then worry for about the first week or so before I feel OK with them taking it. I get real bad anxiety and it seems to be ruling my life these days.

    I feel really bad for you, it is a hard way to live.

  4. CountryRocker

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    I'm the same way about taking meds. I hate putting them in my mouth because I've had too many bad reactions to them.
    I've got Flonase sitting on my desk and still haven't gotten up the nerve to try it and that's just a nasal spray.
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    I went to a natropathic doctor in hopes to find better ways to treat and cure stuff but now iffing the suppliments she gives me.

    She recently gave me vitamin A suppliments and wants me to take a LOT of it. I went and researched it and now am too scared to take it. I havent had to courage to tell her yet.

  6. sixtyslady

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    thanks everybody,i'm the same way about meds I've been so sick from them that Id just rather not take them ,but I"m getting really bad about goimg to the Dr last time I started crying in the waiting room like alittle kid. it seems like everytime you go all they want to do is a Mri or a cat scan what happen to our old time Dr"s that ran some lab work first. I"m just dreading this next visit. because after your middle age that just think your complaining and tell you well you know your not as young as you use to be . yeah! but I'm still a human being. well thanks. Sixtyslady
  7. kriket

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    Hey, I'm the same way. I think were afraid to go to the doctor because we usually know that doctors are so unpredictable about fibromyalgia/cfs. I nearly feel like a burden to the doctor just as soon as he walks in the door. It might be helpful to us if we could find a doctor with fibromyalgia then maybe he/she would understand!!!!
  8. findmind

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    I'm sorry, sixtyslady, tthat sounds so scary for you. Can you take someone big and strong with you? A friend, relative? They can even go into room with you, cuz drs. never touch anyone anymore LOL....

    I do think we need to go once a year and have the regular bloodwork and BP, etc...tell them you have whitecoat syndrome! They'll laugh, and take your BP later on in exam room, it'll be lower by then probably.

    I tell dr. I don't want to talk about FM and CFS, but "I have these questions/concerns today". If dr. orders labs, ok, they can be very valuable, esp. about anemia, liver function, thyroid, cholesterol, all things normal enough to control.

    Why don't you tell them about your panic attacks when you have dr. appts? They need to know that, ok? Be honest, they would want to help you cope with that.

    If you have to take any medicine, ask them for one of the older, proven ones, not the newer "tricky" ones; start at a very low dose and ask them to help you monitor it closely.

    Seems to me you could tell a nurse all these fears and she could help you more than the doctor, or along with the doctor.

    Do not be ashamed of this fear: we have every right to fear medicine, but we can overcome it by taking an active part in our care and stating our concerns and objectives towards getting well.

    Strength to you...