afraid of losing my job

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    I was diagnosed with FM about 3 years ago but like most everyone else, had symptoms for much longer. I work on the production floor of a major check printing facility so not only am I on my feet all day but just recently they closed one end of the machine that I run with a conveyer and put steps over it. I have an FMLA and that pretty much covers my days out but it doesn't help with the attitudes when I go back. And I really can't blame anyone because other people depend on me and when I'm not there it makes everyone elses job harder. I was out 3 days at the first of the month and again this week(weds, thurs and today). Being out of work makes me lonely and depressed because I'm by myself most of the time. I can't imagine not being able to work not to mention not having insurance to cover all the trips to the dr. and the numerous medications. I just don't know how much longer I can go on.
    Thanks for letting me vent. This message board has been a lifesaver. Grannyof4
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    I know from experience things can see like they are overwhelming.

    You may need to ask your doctor to put you on temporary disability, then apply for permanent SSDI. There is very informative website called

    My brother studied it before applying and felt is really helped. He was approved in 2 months time.

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    I have such sympathy for what you are going through. I too, worked a very physical job which I loved when I got sick and continued working to the point of almost being on my hands and knees and then finally after two years, crashed in 2004 and haven't been able to work since.

    Be very careful to not keep pushing yourself too long as I truly think that is what did the permanent damage with me, I pushed too hard, too sick, too long.

    You will be in my prayers tonight.

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    This is the only place I can come to where people really understand and where I don't feel judged. I know its inevitable that I will have to give up my job probably sooner than later and it will be hard. I've been there for 20 years. I'm trying to remember that that job doesn't make me who I am but there are people in my life who sort of make me feel that way. My doctor is on maternity leave right now but when she comes back I'm going to talk to her about changing my medication again. Maybe try something different for this terrible depression. It's a viscous cycle isn't it. I can't work because of pain and then I get depressed because I can't work. But anyway thanks for all of your supportive comments and your prayers. They mean so much. Sincerely, Grannyof4
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    i just made a post "for those having trouble with their jobs, or need one..."

    although, you've worked for a long time, and maybe it may be time to try for disability.

    if not, you may find the info in my post helpful.

    sorry you are having trouble with work, i can definately relate ,and empathise with you.

    best wishes to you.<3
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    It sounds just like my story. I was diagnosed about 4 years. I went out on FMLA, leave of absence, I even took vacation days when I felt to weak to work. It went on like this for 3 years. Well in March of this year I crashed. Worked too hard and too long. I went out on STD. I was out 6 months, then I had to fill out the LTD if I wanted to continue to stay on disability. Well I did and after dozens of doctors, tests, therapy, I was told by my doctor it was a permanent disability. Can't use my arms for too long. Guess what? I was denied LTD. The shrink who is treating me for my depression and knowing that I'm on the verge of jumping off a bridge thought that I still could go back to work so told LTD I was not disabled. So now I have to appeal. I'm so afraid of losing my job after 14 years of dedicated service. I have the medical so if I do lose my job, I lose my medical too.

    As for work, I have not heard from one person I worked with in the 6 months I have been out. That hurts alot. I too felt guilty not being there for them, but you can't keep going like that to please others. You have a life too and you deserve to take care of yourself and not worry about your co-workers. They can take care of themselves. It is hard staying home and being alone all day after going to work for 30 years (different jobs). But you have grandkids, right? My Grandkids keep me going. You hang in there YOU are not alone.

    Many Many Hugs
    PatDlt. (Granny of 5)
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    I am not a Granny, but I am a Mom. I had to quit working after almost four years of being sick. I applied for disability after six or seven months, and it took 2 1/2 years to finally get social security disability. I remember going through some of what you were talking about...

    I tend to agree with the one who replied that you don't want to wait until you're permanently disabled before you quit - in other words, quit before your health gets too bad; maybe you can help yourself to not get any worse, but everyone is so different, nothing is guaranteed...

    I did a LOT of praying before I quit work, and during the whole time I was waiting to hear from disability I saturated the whole situation and everyone involved - family, my doctors, the disability reviewers and decision makers, my lawyers, everything - in prayer.

    That is the best suggestion I can give you is to saturate the whole thing in prayer... The Lord can help you know what to do and what to say on the disability papers, etc...

    Love and prayers, Debbie
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    maybe some help for you in the future. All states have voc rehab.


    for those that are having trouble w/ their jobs, or need one... 09/27/08 12:24 PM

    just thought i'd pass on this info, as i thought it might benefit some of those on the board.

    i also read where one woman was having trouble with her physical work at a factory. i hope this may help.

    i've worked in the service industry all my life, pretty physical work. it's becoming more and more difficult to do, since getting FM. i know that i can not continue to do this for very long.

    i decided to call the Adult Learning Center in my town, where they offer some free classes, and also computer courses for a small fee. i'm pretty sure most cities/towns have something like this.

    i was thinking about maybe taking some computer courses to have something else to put on a resume or application.

    beings i don't have much experience in anything other than the service industry, it makes it hard to find another job, making my options very small.

    when i spoke to the lady at the Adult Learning Center, i explained my situation- my job experinece and the fact i have FM, and that it was making it hard to continue in that line of work, and how i wanted to learn something new so i could contiue to work.

    she then told me that from what i told her, i may be a good candidate for Vocational Rehabilitation, and gave me the number to call.

    i did and they said i would be eligable, and have set up an appointment for me at the end October. i'm sure since this a state program, it will probably take some time to get going.

    the purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation, is to help people who are disabled (and they don't mean only those who have won SSI or SSD, but all people with physical or mental impairments), find work that they would be able to do, by teaching them new skills, and helping them find a new job, so they can remain in the workforce.

    i'm super excited, i feel like i've been given a gift. a second chance, per say.

    so for anyone they may be having a hard time with their current jobs, or havn't been able to work becuase of FM or any other disabilty, hopefully this information will be useful for you.

    if you can't find the specific phone number for Vocational Rehabiltation, maybe call your county's welfare office, and they would probably be able to give you the number.

    i'll keep you all posted on more info once i go for my appointment on October 29th.

    best wishes to everyone.<3

  9. BelleoftheSouth

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    I have been at my job going on twenty years. I helped open the company and did every office job except engineering as I can't draw a straight line.

    The company grew and I trained people to take over a lot of my responsibilites.

    Those very people are the ones who have turned against me and have made my job a living hell because of my Fibro/CFS.

    Last Friday a week ago I went to my Doctor and asked for time off from work and he asked why, I told him what was going on. STRESS is killing me, I'm anxious, I'm depressed, I HURT from the Fibro and CFS isn't helping any either.

    He has taken me out of work for two weeks and told me that I am to come in every two weeks until he decides if I should go back to work or not.

    I swear it had gotten so bad that I dreaded Saturday nights because it meant Sunday was next and then Monday and I'd start getting all anxious and shaky and tearyeyed.

    HR had called me and told me that I'd have FMLA in the mail last Tuesday, I called on Friday and left a message to see why I hadn't received the paperwork.

    I will not be going back to the job I loved so much and I'm sitting here in tears over it.

    I was treated so rotten, called names, left out of all the office 'get together's' all because I was one of the 'so called' founders of the company and because I'd come in and say to everyone that I was having a 'bad day, a fog day' and I would need help.

    They didn't believ that I have Fibro/CFS.

    I have talked to an Attorney and she filed for SSD right on the spot and all I wanted to do was ask questions. Go figure.

    Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, OesteoArthritis(sp)all through my body, Scoliosis in low back, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, lots of Surgeries, I am now phobic, panice attacks all over the place so I just stay in my house and go out only if I need groceries and meds.

    I don't sleep well and when I do I have nightmares so I guess it's back to not sleeping well, I wake up exhausted.

    I take Levoxyl, Wellbutrin, Ritalin, Lyrica, VicodanES, Ativan, and I take Tylenol Arthritis and it seems to ease the arthitis a little.

    I moved back with my xHusband who is taking great care of me. I never thought he would change so much but he has been my rock and has said he will stay by me for as long as I need him.

    I'm terrified that FMLA won't go through. My Doctor said 'WE' would go through FMLA together, then STD, the LTD, then on to SSD. He has been concerned about me for a couple of years now and last month when the Stress of me going to work sent me into Fibro pain to the ER with Heart Attack like symptom's then I knew it was over for me.

    I am wishing us all the best luck in striving for recovery from this dreaded illness and that SSD will start seeing that Fibromyalgia is a REAL illness.

    Anyway I have rambled enough and grannyof4 you have a ton of (((((BIG HUGS)))) coming from me.