afraid to ask for stronger pain meds

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    My Rheummy is the first to diagnose me w/this DD about a month ago. (i've been sick for quite a few years prior.) I have mycoplasma pneumonaie, FM., degenerative disc disease in C-6,C-7., hypothyroidism. He has me taking Darvocett for pain. Neurontin 300mg. 2x a day, elavil, 10mg a day, Doxy for the mycos, thyroid 1 grain per day, norflex 100 mg a day... the neurontin really helps with the leg and nerve pains, but not for the all over relief. The darvocett is not strong enough to eliminate this d*** pain. I am so afraid to ask for something stronger for fear of rejection or him thinking that I am a junkie. This is such garbage that we have to go through w/this illness. When I asked for something else 2 weeks ago, he gave me the neurontin. I need some info or advice on how to handle this professionally. I know so many people on this board have had similar problems. please reply with a plan!!! Thanks guys, Iggy
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    Hi Iggy,

    I'm on pretty much the same meds as you and have an appointment in 2 weeks and the Darvacet just isn't doing it anymore. Hoping someone can give us some advise. Tulip
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    For use in Fibromyalgia. That may be a drug he is willing to give you.
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    last year. What I did was, when I was with the nurse before I saw the doctor, I asked her if there were any other meds I could try, since I was having to double the dosage of what I was currently on. I was expecting all kinds of flack and attitude, simply because I was so used to getting attitude from docs. To my surprise, it was no problem, my Rx is for Lortab 10/500, I have much better pain control and I am still taking the same meds 9 months later. There are times, as in a flare when it doesn't seem to help much at all, but I usually get adequate relief with that.

    I've come to believe that, if you have a good, understanding doc, who you've been seeing for a while, who knows you fairly well as his/her patient, if you are honest with them and tell them what you're taking isn't helping you and ask them what your alternatives are, they will offer you something else or something stronger which will give you some pain relief.

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    This is a tricky thing - sometimes. But so many people here on the board have emphasized that we have to be involved in our own care to the extent that we should be very comfortable suggesting new meds or tests or treatments to our doctor. Not always an easy thing but it's something I'm trying to do.

    One of the things I've done for a while is keep a pain journal. I write how severe the pain is (I highlite this part and in parenthases (sp) I put a number for the pain from the 1-10 scale). This way he can see the important part in case he doesn't want to read the entire paragraph. I also put what activities I was unable to do that day, if there is anything that makes the pain better/worse and what I do to try and relieve the pain. That includes the meds I take, hot baths, ice packs, stretching exercises, etc. I think the docs want to know that we're trying to help with the pain relief on our own and not relying totally on the pain meds. And since I can't remember sqat when I get to the docs office without notes, I always take it to my appts. Another plus for the pain journal is that it will probably come in real handy if sometime down the road you have to file for disability.

    Also someone here suggested something that I thought was a great idea (sorry I can't remember who suggested it). They suggested telling the doc that if he thought that you were just seeking drugs, you would gladly submit to a drug screen to show him that you're only taking what he prescribed. That may help.

    I hope you get tons of great ideas that will help your PCP see the light and give you something strong enough to really help with your pain.

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    we needed to have a very trusting relationship. That does not mean I did not get nervous about his response. However, if he responds negatively, I would suggest a new doc or a second opinion. Remember, you will be in this relationship for a long time. If there is a problem now, I'd start looking for someone more open minded. Perhaps ask him if you could visit a pain doc or something.

    Also come in prepared with information that backs up your request. That is the biggest thing. Then your doctor knows this request was not made lightly but through your own education of your disease and what the alternatives are.
    Just my experience, I realize you have other factors, etc, to think about.


    Lynda B.
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    I received alot of info that I will be using for my DOC visit. I wish I could just call in and tell him how I feel, but I know speaking to him in person will be more professional. Its just so annoying to be afraid of something that should not be a big deal to the DOCS. I just am so d*** tired already, I dont have the strength to fight for my rights for pain control. Thanks again I would feel so lonely w/out this site and message board, I just feel like I finally fit somewhere!!! You guys have no idea how you all help so much, God bless, Iggy
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    Thanks for your response, it sounds like you have an awesome DOC... I am not an RN yet, but I am an RN student in training>>> I think the only thing that gets my mind off of this garbage we have is my daughter and my schooling and patients(alzheimers and hospice). My computer is going out on me so I am not sure if my e-mail can even be opened up to me. I think its my hard drive again... Got the last one replaced just a year ago. But try anyway. that would be great to keep up with each other. I know the RN field is straining on people like us, but I never felt such a satisfaction from helping people in need. I know I was meant to do this.Thanks again for the response. I hope I can get the pain control I need, Iggy