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    Am I the only one that is somewhat agoraphobic ? Seems if I have to go out of town which I seldom do unless to a doctor I get so anxious. Not sure if its because I don't feel well as when I do have a good day I am not so bad. How I dread appointments something as simple as a dental cleaning, you would think I was going for major surg ..

    I want to travel 4 hrs one way to see my new great gran son but scared to go. Yes, I feel terrible most of the time but its the anxiety about being away from home .. I use to be on the go all the time , loved to travel. I don't seem to know who I am anymore.

    I take Xanax on a regular basis but seems even if I up them nothing seems to calm me down when I have to go out of town which is only a few time a year and no more than 4 hrs away.. I know I am one basket case that doctors hate.
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    Hi - How long have you been on the Xanax? I was just wondering. Sometimes they forget about the drugs and doses they give us, unless we start the discussion. Have you tried other drugs besides the Xanax?
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    Does leaving the house to go to the store, or to the dr affect you, or is this just to go out of town? If its true agoraphobia then leaving the house for anything would cause you anxiety.

    Getting over any phobia, can be done. It takes time and commitment. I know, I had agoraphobia almost 20 yrs ago. I little rly had to crawl down my stairs backwards to leave the house. The anxiety was horrid. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack every time. But, I refused to give into the anxiety, and forced myself to go out everyday. It took about 3 months, of doing this everyday, but I finally overcame it.

    It's called exposure therapy. You face the anxiety everyday, for short periods of time, increasing the time every couple of days. It can and does get better.

    I hope that you can figure out what is causing you the anxiety, and face the issue to free yourself from this unneeded anxiety.
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    Congratulations Stick on over coming that. It had to be a lot of hard work and will power.
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    greatgran2 I understand what you are saying very well. housebound here 25 plus yr. even close trips can be nerve wracking and appts. the worst. I have to take more before I go anywhere which isn't much anyway. my drug is lorazepam. I have been having to take more when I go for appts-even haircut. seems that's another thing keeping us separated from life. no wonder we get down at times. our lives pass by w/o getting to take part in LIFE. carolyn
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    Could it be that your dose of Xanax needs to be adjusted? I have never taken that medicine
    so I don't know much about it. Sometimes I don't go places because I don't want to
    drive there as driving takes a lot of energy for me.
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    Thanks all for your replies. I have come to the conclusion that when I feel ok I can go and do, made a 4 hr trip Thurs. Its when I feel so bad is when this happens so I think its the fact I just don't feel up to it and when I try to push and make myself that is when I get the anxiety. Seems to be what my doc thinks also. If you don't feel up to it try and if you can't don't..
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    Lorazepam here too. Here is a link for side effects if you want to look into and talk to your doctor. It does help me with the anxiety.
    I also read another board someone suggested when the anxiety comes on to take charge of it and they gave an example of counting backwards from 100 by 3. Think they were a counselor of some type and they had their patients doing that. Theory on this is that you take charge of the anxiety instead of the anxiety taking charge. I have not tried this yet, but I plan to.
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    I used to feel this way even about work or going downtown. I am still anxious about trips out-of-town and vacations, but what I find that helps is:

    Sitting in the sun
    Slow, gentle bike ride
    Traveling with a companion
    Bringing a bag with all my items in case I don't feel well.

    Those help relieve my agoraphobia.
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    When I'm feeling well, I like to go out but if I'm in a slump, I just want to hide in my bed from the world. I don't even want to go get my mail. The idea of getting bills makes me very anxious. I have Klonopin but only usually take it at night to sleep or if I get caught out in a store or restaurant where there is a lot of noise, harsh lighting, confusion, etc. I put a small piece under my tongue and it kicks in right away. Both my doc and pharmacist agreed this way of dosing is good.

    BTW, my doc tried changing me to Lorazepam and I had hallucinations which were horrible the first dose. Back on my "Special K." Best of luck in overcoming this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, tks for your reply.. I still take Xanax probably always will . I take 1/4 mg 4x day. Don't like it but thankful for them as I feel this"whatever" I have is my life time partner. First I was dx with cfs, then fibro ,sjogrens and now lyme.. My anxiety, agoraphobia is horrible when I am having bad days especially the ear, sinus, off balance etc. I honestly think that the ears have a lot to do with this. Trying another antibiotic now but have such a fear of meds and with good reason. Don't like it but have decided to listen to my body and if I can I will and if not I usually don't..

    Wish I could take an antidepressant and they would help but haven't found one yet. Good hearing from you would you please share with me what you are doing and any new treatments. I remember something about a new one you was trying but forgot the name..