Afraid to use Maxalt

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CAgirl, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. CAgirl

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    My doctor gave me Maxalt for my migraines, but I'm afraid to try it. I've tried imitrex before and it didn't help. I'm afraid I'm going to have a weird reaction or feel weird on the Maxalt and then I will have a panic attack. I could use some positive feedback on this medication.

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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I'm in the same boat - doctor gave me Maxalt, and I haven't tried it. I read the insert, and it said, among other things, that anyone with tachycardia and/or high cholesterol should only take the first dose in the doctor's office. It gave me the willies!
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  4. pam_d

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    You are now officially talking to the world's biggest chicken when it comes to prescription drugs. Case in point, I have had FM for 4 years and take no prescription meds for it, though I have a big bottle of Ultram (unopened) and Ambien (unopened & I'm sure long expired). I use mainly diet, supplements & drink lots of water.

    Maxalt is the only prescription drug I take. My migraines got to the point where I had to have something. My allergist (who is half traditional/half naturopath) & I are trying to get to the bottom of the triggers for me, but in the meantime, he suggested I try Maxalt.

    Your posts about anxiety over trying a new med were like looking in the mirror! I'm just like that----the samples of Maxalt sat on my shelf unopened, until one day I was on the third day of a killer migraine & my husband practically forced me to try it. I had 10mg. dissolvable tablets, but I was so paranoid, I cut one in half so it was just 5mg. & took it (pepperminty!). Then I laid down & asked my husband to check on me every 10 minutes in case I died!!

    My migraine was soon gone, & while the first time, I slept for about an hour, I have since taken Maxalt, & gone out shopping or to a restaurant---in other words, it doesn't knock me out or anything. I do often have to take a second dose a few hours later, but I usually take no more than two doses in a given day, and I seldom get migraines more than once or twice a month. I have read you should not take more than 6 -10mg. tabs a week. I probably take 2 to 4 a month, if that.

    As far as the "racing heart" thing, I did notice an ever so slight feeling of this, but it didn't last but a few minutes, and I would not even call it a palpitation----I have had, like so many people with FM, an occasional episode of tacchycardia; this feeling with Maxalt was milder & more vague & seemed to pass quickly. It wasn't anything that made me not want to use Maxalt again, and believe me, I am VERY sensitive to drug side effects & shy away from anything weird.

    The Maxalt, for me, DID take care of both pain & nausea. I have never tried anything but this as far as prescriptions, so I can't compare it to Immitrex, for example. I HAVE used excedrin migraine---useless---and if you'll look at the boxes under "ingredients", Advil Migraine & Tylenol Migraine are identical to regular Advil & Tylenol, except for the packaging----I have no idea how their makers get away with advertising it as though it has something different that will help a migraine!

    Anyway, hope this info has helped.....and that you feel better.

  5. CAgirl

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    That makes me feel better. Next time I'm down for the day I'm going to try one. Mine are 10mg. Maybe I should cut them in half. Can you do that with a wafer?
  6. Khadile

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    I used maxalt for a couple of years and never had any side effects associated with it. it worked well, though for me imitrex works better.
  7. pam_d

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    ....the wafer does tend to crumble when cutting it in half, you can't be very precise. I now have both 5mg. Maxalt & 10mg.-----if I feel a migraine comingon with the whole aura-thing & manage to take Maxalt before it gets too bad, I take 5mgs. and it seems to work well. If I have let a migraine get horrible (because sometimes I don't get the aura & I'm not certain if it's a migraine or regular headache---and Maxalt doesn't work on a regular headache---and by the time I'm certain, it's often REALLY bad) then I take the full 10mgs. I don't notice any difference between the doses, other than the 10mgs. will knock out a full-blown headache better.

    They DO make both strengths, 5 & 10mgs. so you have a choice there.

    Good luck, hope it helps!