After 3 yrs - I've finally won SSDI.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjfms, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Fibromyalgia, arthritis, scoliosis, DJD of knees, occasional double vision and chronic migraines. Osteoarthritis in my hands.

    I cannot believe it has taken this long but I am just glad it's over, my lawyer was a witch - she made me loose a year so I only get 2 years of back pay.

    I hate lawyers. Live and learn, I have nothing in writing to prove it.

    Better 2 years than nothing -- better winning than loosing.

    kjfms :confused: :)
  2. mbofov

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    Congratulations! It sounds bittersweet, with your lawyer's incompetence, but am very glad it's over for you!

    Best wishes,

  3. Mikie

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    Congratulations! It took three years for me too. SSD pays based on your declared date of disability so, even if you are turned down, if you win on appeal, you still get paid based on the date of disability. If memory serves, and usually it doesn't, they do not pay for the first six months. Medicare doesn't start until 24 months from that date unless one is 65 already.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie: I have a disability hearing soon. Im scared. I have a lawyer. I have nerve damage in my feet due to back surgery and can no longer do my last job. I had hearing expidited cause of mental health issues. Think i can win?
  6. Wow! Congrats! That's amazing. My SSDI was approved right away, but maybe because I'm bedridden and can't walk at all. That's great, two years of back pay! I'm sorry you've had to go through all of this!