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  1. sybil

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    i'm back again.

    i have had a major relapse,too ill to use my computer.

    my employer has sacked me,suprise suprise! they admit i am too sick to work,but i don't qualify for ill health retirement,in their opinion...'i could get better'...ha,ha!

    so i am appealing against the decision,my trade union is supporting me in my appeal.

    for all those on the board who know about Dr Andrew Wright and have read his stuff.i went to see him on June 11th.his practice is about 35 miles away from where i live.he has sent my blood to Italy for tests they don't do on the NHS in the U.K..he confirmed that not only do i have Fibro,but i have CFS too.he has also written a report to my employer refuting the pension providers assumption that i will be skipping around in the near future.
    Dr Wright reckons that i am now so chronically affected by the D.D. that my chances of recovery are remote,but he will try and help me to manage my condition.he has prescribed new pain relief,Co Codamol was a waste of time,it did nothing for my pain at all.

    Dr Wright is wonderful,i would advise anyone in the U.K. to see him if they can't get help on the N.H.S.he is private,but he is very honest and won't do any tests,or recommend any treatment that he thinks is a waste of time.

    he also told me that for people in the Manchester and Cheshire areas of the U.K. Trafford Hospital will have a new treatment online on the NHS next year.i forget the actual name of the treatment.but it involves passing your blood through ultra violet light and it can be quite G.P. said he would refer me,if i'm well enough to travel by then.any form of travel wipes me out at the moment.
    hope you are all as well as you can be,lots of love,


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    sympathies for your situation with work.
    I'm hoping to keep working as long as I can, as I am nowhere near sick enough to fulfil the criteria to get DLA, but it's such a struggle to keep on my feet all day. I'm off at the moment partly because I've been really nauseous. I just had an ultrasound which showed up gallstones, so I'm not sure what will happen next. I'm so reluctant to have surgery!

    I'd be interested to know where Dr Wright is, and how much does it cost for a consultation with him, in case I want to resort to that in the future.

    good luck with your appeal, I hope you get it sorted out. It's such a cop out to say you could get better, I suspect you'd have to have a terminal illness with only a few months to live before they'd agree to give you retirement on medical grounds. I suspect my employers (Post Office Ltd) would be the same!
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    Will kill pathogens in the bloodstream. My water filter runs the water through two filters and then through the UV light to kill germs.

    It will have to be repeated over a long period of time if you have stealth infections, because these pathogens delve deep into the cells everywhere in our bodies and are only vulnerable when they are in the bloodstream looking for new cells to invade. This is why antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals have to be taken over such a long period of time to control stealth infections.

    Love, Mikie
  4. sybil

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    .....has a practice in Bolton, Greater Manchester in the U.K.he is recommended by the U.K. charity...'Action For M.E.' and he is one of their medical advisors.

    i am quite lucky that i know Bolton really well,i was born and brought up there and my mum lives about 5 minutes away from Dr Wrights consulting rooms!

    but if you want anymore info,directions phone number for him,i will let you know via email.

    as for ill health retirement...i used to work for the u.k. government and all the pension provider is arguing about,is the long term prognosis.they reckon i will make a full recovery before i retire.according to their own rules,i have only got to prove my condition is unlikely to improve to the degree that i could carry out my normal i have the proof they are asking for and my trade union says if they reject the proof provided,the unions lawyers will take the fight to the courts,as the pension company must abide by their own rules.
    given i have only 11 years until i retire, Dr Wright has said in his report,that i am very unlikely to recover in that time and has quoted research to prove it.he says according to research, only 5% of people affected by CFS make a complete recovery.40% relapse and remit.55% never really improve,or slowly deteriorate.Dr Wright reckons i am in the latter catagory.

    i know the ultra violet treatment isn't a cure and it needs to be done on a regular basis.but i thought it may help if i wanted to go on holiday,i could have treatments to maybe give me a boost,so i would be fit to travel.i'm fully aware that it isn't a long term solution.but i am desperate and will try anything,i am getting worse at the moment,

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  5. averilpam

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    I'm glad to hear you are closer to getting your pension sorted out.
    I dont' know what I'm going to do about work. At the moment I'm definitely not able to stand all day.

    I'm waiting for a date for gallstone surgery, probably a month or two. I'm hoping to just stay off sick until then, then obviously I'll need time to recuperate. Then I'll have to try going back and may need to go part time. Ideally I need a job not standing all day and just accept earning a lot less, but at my age (53) I don't know if I'd find one!!

    I feel I'm working slowly through all this, and my doc is being fairly helpful. I also intend to see a homeopath, see how that goes. However I may decide eventually I need to see someone else, so can you email me the details of Dr Wright just in case I need them
    thank you so much
    take care, love Pam
  6. sybil

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    yes,i have gone downhill very rapidly and typing kills me!
    my blood still hasn't been sorted out,my platelet count is still low.Dr Wright reckons it has nothing to do with the pain meds,that was the idea of the haematologist.the Doc reckons it is the virus,or viruses that are causing my DD and are now attacking my blood.hopefully the blood films he took and sent to italy will give some answers.

    you are right about government pension providers! my union rep says that most of his work involves fighting for people who have been refused their ill health retirement.what a waste of everyones time and money it is! the stress of it all has certainly made me worse!

    avrilpam.......i will email you with the details...sorry for the delay,i can't use my computer too much,or i flare up!
    so you have to stand up at work? that can't be good for you at all.maybe it would be best if you could find a job where you can sit down,even if it means a drop in pay.
    you don't want to end up in the state i'm in and i pushed myself far too hard.
    good luck with the gallstone op.can they do keyhole surgery for that? it would be great if they could.then you wouldn't have all the things that go with a full major sugery.i know people who have had keyhole gall bladder removal and they made a much quicker recovery.they didn't have CFS or Fibro though,hehehe!
    i haven't worked since May 2002.i couldn't even cope with sitting down at a computer all day,standing is way beyond me! i am virtually housebound now,any journey,even a short one makes me so ill.i have deteriorated so much in 12 months.
    Dr Wright says graded exercise was probably a contributing factor in my case.i went to hydrotherapy classes every week.he says that some people who are severly affected should not attempt it,as research proves that it makes a lot of people i do stretching on some days,but if i'm really poorly,i give it a miss.he advocates pacing...only doing what your body will tolerate and not pushing yourself too hard.
    i will email you now,
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