after finding out ebv, cmv

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    after taking blood work and knowing you now have at least 3 virsuses, hsv1, ebv, cmv, border line for cmv, according to my pcp dr, no lime, not sure yet for clamydia what would be the BEST TRANSFER FACTOR TO BUY, I NEED YOUR INPUT I DONT KNOW WHAT WOULD BE THE CORRECT ONE TO TARGET THOSE TWO. THANKS EVRYONE
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    You have to call ProHealth 800-366-6056..keeping in mind that they are on the West Coast and allow for the time difference. (Don't call before noon eastern time).

    They won't print that info but only tell you over the phone.

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    However was diagnosed wi ebv, when i was 24 years old. In fact i was the 8th person in the usa to be diagnosed with it at that time.of course by now it has become more popular.but then my bloodwork had to be sent to ucla when ilived in ny at the time. that was 30 some r years ago.anyway what is cmv i never heard of that one.what does it stand for?

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    And now you have CFS?

    CMV is just another one of those in the happy Herpes Family. I forget which # they assisgned it. It is cytomegalovirus and 80% of the US population has it by the time they are 40. It is supposed to only be transmitted by salvia, other body fluids but children get it indirectly at daycare centers by touching toys. That is what the article said.

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    it is herpe virus 5, that's what i read.