After I had female surgery I devolpeped a hematoma

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    I have had severl sergeries in the past few years and each time it is taking longer to get better adn feel like I did before that surgery. I just had my glabladder out 3 weeks ago and I am still in pain from it , I feel where they put each of the scopes and they are so very tender to the touch so I find my slef holding on to my side and ot my right knee is hurting and feeling like it is locking and will just stick there and not move. What am I doing wrong?

    I have pain in my back and right thigh, rt knee and in teh right foot. I have so much pressure in my knecaps adn they feel like they are being pulled from my body and causing me aagreat deal of pain. They lock and won't work and I end up in tears and i don't know who to change how I am holdingmy self?

    I know that I will need knee repleace ment but after haveing gallbladder surgery I am not ready for any more surgery so that it OUT. But I have this horrid pain in my right knee , it feels like ther is a great deal of pressure that is pushing the kneecap out and it burins, stings adn locks and I am worrking that i may have laid worn after the surgery or in the surgery and it set off the Fibro and CMmm{ ad I don't know what to do to ease it adn how to corrrect it so that i will be albe to walk without pain.

    I am still ahving pain from the glablader surgery adn I am told that it can take up to a year for all of the pain to leave. I have muscles cramps in the sietes where the scpopes went into and they will cramp badly till i am in tears so I hope my self and walk funny so I think I have pulled my back out of alighment and now the knee is causing me so much more pain, as the joint is sticking ,stabbing , pulling and hurting and I can feel it higher up in my back andlwer down in my foot. I remember the doctor telling me that during the durgery it was a good thing I was asleep as they had to move ie into postitions that would have caused me a great deal pf back , leg, and hip pain could what I am going thorugh now befrome this situatation?

    I don't know if I am flairing from teh firbor or the CMP or the degenerative disc diease buldging dics or if my body is just hateing the recovery from this surgery that the gallbladder was a chronic problme adn now that it is gone my body is trying to recover from having a chronic paroblem and now my bakc ihas been set off by being the poeistioning chaged during my gall bladder surgery.

    Have I done thing to my slef by holding my slef adn walking like I can't stand up straight and I have pulled the muscles in my back, and it is bothering mythigh and myyknees could this be the cause? Or am I grasping at straws for reasons for this stiffness , laccccck of stability in the knee joint and the feeling that I will fall from the knee cap locking up on me and laathought the sharp pain lasts a few minutes it aches for hours after the event. What am I don't that is wrong?

    I have been trying to walk more upright and less holding on to my side. But the back , thigh and knees and the arche or my right foot is getting worse. frm what I dont' know. Did I lay funny or hold my die as I coughed adn hurt after the surgery or am i not moving enough I just don't know and I don't ahve an ortho now and i am out of moeny to see one so I can ask him what the problem is. I know that both knees have arthriitis and my back has degenerative disc diease and I have2 bulging dics, I am wondering if all of thses are just actingup and flaring in ther own way and causing me a grat deal of pain and i don't know how to deal with it oor what to do about it? Any answers or help that anyone can give me?

    I am so tired of all the pain as i have said I am stil having ain from where the wcopes were inserted in to my belly and they cramp like a muscle cramp and it really hurts for somethimgs seconds to hours.I feel as if I am falling apart and don't know what or how to change what it going onwith my body.

    I am so tired al the time and I want to slep and will sleep through the times to take my meds if no one calls me and I will sleep past the time the pain meds are due. IS this normal after surgery, I was kept in the hospital for anextra day as my 02 was low and when it was tking off there wa sa moment that my 02 was in the low 70's and then it suddenly started to rise and I was not breating deeper it was just rising and before I knew it it was at 94 and stayed there for the 15 minutes It needed to be there. I went to my pain doctor and my B/P was back to it's normal 140/80 So my body s comming back to is' nromal except for my back side and thigh knees and my foot so I don't know what to do and how to make my slef feel better .

    What is happening to me? I am not that old to have this many problems but i do. So why am I so tired all the time and i wanst to doze fof but not sleep? All i want is the pain in my back , hips thighs adn knees adn ache of my right foot to stop hurting I would be so much happier and feel so muc j better s how do I get there? And will it take a long time? I know I am answering questions that cant be answered but I need t know what you all think can you help me and let me know what i should be doing to keep my knees moving and the muscles in my thigh to stop cramping and causing me pain?

    Thanks for all you concern and help. I thnak you for all that you do for me.
    HUGs to all ,. Rosemarie
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    I hope you are feeling better. Take care.

    Love, Mikie

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