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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LadyDragon, Feb 22, 2003.

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    Hi all,
    Wrote a note on here the day I had surgery..... about how wonderful I felt, with no after effects..... Then came the reality check. Woke up Thursday morning to pain so bad, I was waiting for the knee baby.... Had to call doc. twice. He prescribed percocet and valium (because of my hysteria), and I stayed on ice packs all day. Guess I learned several valuable lessons...
    1. Morphine is some good stuff... lol... but,
    2. It does wear off, and reality will bite you in the butt if you don't take care of yourself.
    3. Ice is my friend.
    4. My orthopedic doc. is also my friend.
    Anyone that has surgery, please beware. Do what the doc says. Have not had any signs of a fibro flare, but waiting on that now too. Would be my luck.
  2. LadyDragon

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  3. camelgirl

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    I have A LOT of experience with these things and I truly believe that once the anesthesia wears off I am never the same again. My health declines a little bit each time and it takes forever to even feel "normal" again. Just wanted to put in my two cents:)
    Hugs, Camelgirl
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    I do hope you are feeling better now. It is really rough on us as locals don't work at all or they are so short lived even w/epinepherine out;sedative sedation can be very serious if you are allergic to thorazine; and so many of us have MVP and PVC, even general anesthesia has a downside! CactusLil' and hope you are recovering well.
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    Hope by now you are feeling a bit better! I do not take any pain meds for FM, just supplements, but I am DEFINITELY a believer in taking pain meds after surgery! Surgery is such an assault on the body, especially for an FM person, I think we need to do all we can to minimize pain & the flare potential while the body copes with healing from the surgery trauma. Hopefully, you're on the mend now......

    Healing Hugs,
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    After toe surgery, my doc told me to take OTC anti-inflammatories because most pain after surgery is from the inflammation associated with the surgery. He was right. They helped me more than the opiods. Ice is also a great help with pain.

    Love, Mikie